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35 Bucky Barnes Quotes For All Your Serious Selfies

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It's hard not to stan Sebastian Stan and his MCU character, Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier. While Bucky may have a dark past he's trying to make amends for in the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, you know deep down he's a good guy. He's a true friend to Captain America and you can see a similar partnership forming between him and The Falcon. Sure, he's got a brooding bad boy vibe, but that just makes Bucky Barnes' quotes from The Falcon and the Winter Solder the perfect Instagram captions for your serious selfies.

Not all your Insta-worthy snaps are of you smiling in bright floral prints. Sometimes, a sassy smirk while wearing a bold lip color is more your style. You could even have a few stoic selfies with the Sam to your Bucky that you want to post, which is why you need these 35 Winter Soldier quotes. One of Bucky's lines will work as an Instagram caption with a throwback photo of you in your angsty teen years, or a current snap of you giving some serious attitude.

As it's mentioned a lot in the show, Bucky is really good at silently staring, so he doesn't say much. But when he does, he manages to get in a few good quips here and there. So, you could also use one of his funny lines to demonstrate the back-and-forth banter you and your partner have together while you're cuddled close in a cute pic. Whatever the Insta moment is, the Winter Soldier and his wise words are there to save the day, so use as many of these The Falcon and the Winter Soldier quotes as you see fit.

  1. "That's not a thing."
  2. "You're a terrible shrink."
  3. "I heard that."
  4. "So, who are you fighting now, Gandalf?"
  5. "What was rule No. 2?"
  6. "So, what's our plan?"
  7. "No, you can't call me that."
  8. "That shield represents a lot of things to a lot of people."
  9. "Steve knew me longer, and Steve had a plan."
  10. "This is new for me. OK? I didn't have a moment to deal with anything."
  11. "We're gonna do it our own way."
  12. "I got a vibranium arm. I can take them."
  13. "So, we're partners?"
  14. "There's no such thing as wizards."
  15. "Not necessarily a team."
  16. "You ever jump on top of a grenade?"
  17. "Great, so no plan."
  18. "What 'big three'?"
  19. "I read 'The Hobbit' in 1937 when it first came out."
  20. "I'm coming with you."
  21. "I'm not a killer anymore."
  22. "Oh come on, really? You gonna do the notebook thing? Why? It's passive aggressive."
  23. "So maybe he was wrong about you. And if he was wrong about you, then he was wrong about me."
  24. "Then why isn't it rule No. 1?"
  25. "I'm really sorry about him."
  26. "Look, let me just walk you through a hypothetical. Can I walk you through a hypothetical?"
  27. "I like '40s music, so..."
  28. "Don't get me started."
  29. "What's Google say?"
  30. "Wow, she's kind of awful."
  31. "I thought we were gonna go left."
  32. "The world is upside down."
  33. "People need something to get behind."
  34. "Get out of my face, Sam."
  35. "You know, you're a cynic, Doc. Of course, I completed rule No. 3."

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