A group of friends all huddle close together for a picture together in the back of their RV.

35 Instagram Reel Captions For Throwback Travel Videos That'll Make You Nostalgic

Klaus Vedfelt/DigitalVision/Getty Images

The Instagram Reels feature was seriously made for travel vlogging. It's the perfect way to capture bits and pieces from a vacay in one video with cool music. Once you've mastered your first Reel, the process is simple. You just need some Instagram Reel captions for throwback travel videos to finalize your post. TBH, it can be hard coming up with one simple caption that encapsulates all the feels you have about some of the favorite destinations you've traveled to. By having captions on the ready, you'll be set to post ASAP.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) strongly recommends staying at home and avoiding travel during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But, that doesn't mean you can't relive some of your past adventures by making a fun Instagram Reel, and plan for a future vacay. It'll be great practice for a future trip by posting some cute throwback Reels that you put together. After you gather up your favorite video clips and edit them together, pick out a song that matches your destination vibes. Then, use any of these 35 travel Instagram Reels captions to post on your feed.

When your project is complete, you may feel nostalgic AF, but that just means you've successfully made a picture-perfect Reels video. That also means you're totally ready for wherever your wanderlust may lead you when it's safe to travel again.


1. "I do believe I'm overdue for another adventure."

2. "I'm so glad I was able to capture these moments."

3. "Take an Insta Reel, and the mems will last longer."

4. "My job title is professional adventurer."

5. "Waiting to travel again like... "

6. "All of my favorite travel moments in one video."

7. "Taking a virtual trip back to this beautiful place."

8. "I had a reely good time."

9. "I was Emily in Paris before 'Emily in Paris' was a thing."

10. "I should host my very own travel show, right?"

11. "This is what it's like traveling with me."

12. "Let's go back."

13. "Giving off some main character vibes."

14. "Instagram comes with me everywhere I go."

15. "This was my paradise."

16. "Wander... and then post to Instagram later."

17. "I just wanted to see the sunset from a few different vantage points."


18. "Them: What's on your bucket list? Me: Everywhere."

19. "Who wants to redo this vacay with me?"

20. "If I followed my heart, it would just lead me right to the airport."

21. "Daydreaming about this."

22. "I still haven't fully unpacked from this trip."

23. "Yes... that was actually me."

24. "Tangled up in trip memories and not mad about it."

25. "This is how I'm able to relive this trip over and over again."

26. "This makes me smile reel big."

27. "Been there, done that."

28. "I love, well, everywhere."

29. "You can expect an Instagram Reel after every vacation from now on."

30. "I'm living in a movie right here."

31. "Wanderlust is truly an irreplaceable feeling."

32. "I'm out here just capturing the moments I want to relive."

33. "So glad to beach you. I hope to sea you soon."

34. "If this trip had a soundtrack, this would be it."

35. "Part two of my adventures is coming soon."