Three happy best friends sit in their college dorm with lots of string lights on the wall.

35 Captions For Your College Collab House Bedroom & Lovin' Your New Space

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College is back in session. And even though your classes might be virtual this year, you can still have the full campus experience with a college collab house — aka, a "dorm" with your besties off-campus. Having that home away from home experience gives you a chance to decorate your room and post your proud pics with Instagram captions for college collab house bedroom snaps.

If you're still new to the college collab house life, no need to fret. According to The New York Times, some college students are renting big houses for all their friends to quarantine together in while attending online classes. It's a way to spend quality time with friends, study together for exams, and enjoy a new environment away from home.

A new space is like a blank canvas. You likely can't wait to decorate your desk area and new bedroom with art prints, string lights, and pictures of your friends and family back home. Add some matching dip-dyed blankets and throw pillows to your bed to make your room vibrant and colorful. Give your desk a literal glow-up with a custom neon sign or a coffee-scented Luke's Diner candle. You could even be inspired by some of your favorite Disney movies when adding small accessories to your space.

Whatever you decide to do in your bedroom, a picture is necessary to show everyone back home your new college oasis. Post it on the 'gram with any of these 35 college collab house captions just for your bedroom.

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1. "Dorm sweet dorm."

2. "Create the life you want."

3. "This is the only time I will make my bed."

4. "Welcome to the oasis."

5. "Can you tell what my favorite color is?"

6. "It just wouldn't be an Insta-worthy room without string lights."

7. "If it's cozy, I want it."

8. "Welcome to my Never Land."

9. "I just wanted to make sure my room looked good for all my Zoom classes."

10. "This is my happy place."

11. "Just think of all the late-night study sessions that are about to happen in here."

12. "My college campus for the semester."

13. "New room, who dis?"

14. "Felt cute. Might stay here all semester long."

15. "I love my bedroom a latte."

16. "Instead of crossing campus to get to class, I just have to roll out of bed."

17. "I love it here. The dining hall — aka, kitchen — is right outside my door."

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18. "Calc-u later, I've got virtual class to attend."

19. "I love it when my besties are right down the hall."

20. "This is what #dormlife looks like."

21. "There's no place like (college collab) home."

22. "This room was made for college classes, study sessions, and late-night dance parties."

23. "All I need is food, sleep, and good WiFi."

24. "Namastay in bed."

25. "This is where I get shit done."

26. "My happy place."

27. "A college student sleeps here."

28. "Sunday scaries who?"

29. "Swinging into the week like..."

30. "Might as well make it a place I never want to leave."

31. "To set an alarm or not set an alarm. That is the question."

32. "Current mood: homemade dorm life."

33. "The only thing that's missing is a giant cup of coffee."

34. "This is where the cool stuff happens."

35. "A mixture of classy and fabulous."