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35 Insta Captions For Valentine's Day Loungewear Pics That Are Cute AF

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Some of the best Valentine's Day plans are when you're just relaxing at home in your loungewear. You don't need much for this chill plan, except maybe a good movie to watch on Netflix. While you're cuddled up on the couch, it's a perfect moment to capture some selfies and post them with Instagram captions for Valentine's Day loungewear.

Whether you'll be cooking at home with your partner or treating yourself to an at-home spa day with your roomies, loungewear is the perfect Valentine's Day attire. In fact, put on your slippers and pose for a super cute picture with your SO. Then pair it with a fun caption, like "And they lounged happily ever after." Or, show off your V-Day nail art in a snap while wearing matching crewnecks with your roomies . Post it on your feed with, "We nailed it this Valentine's Day." You can even consider a virtual Valentine's Day with your long-distance BFFs to tie-dye pink or read sweats. Post a pic rockin' your new creation and use an Instagram caption for loungewear, like, "Valentine's Day is better in really cute loungewear."

However you spend the day at home, get comfy and check out these 35 Valentine's Day loungewear captions to add to your snaps. You will be prepared to post right away, and your cozy self will thank you.

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1. "Cupid called. He told me to stop being so cute."

2. "Cuddling with you is the only place I want to be."

3. "We nailed it this Valentine's Day."

4. "I love you from my head to my fuzzy slippers."

5. "My happily ever after involves loungewear sets and fuzzy slippers."

6. "I'm in *love* with this loungewear set."

7. "I only have heart eyes for hoodies."

8. "This crewneck feels like you're hugging me."

9. "I'm not tied down, but I am tie-dyed."

10. "All you need is love and the perfect pair of sweatpants."

11. "Pajamas all day, even on Valentine's Day."

12. "We've perfected the chill part of Netflix and chill."

13. "Feelin' fluffy."

14. "Valentine's Day is better in really cute pajamas."

15. "My hobbies include wearing pajamas all day. Swipe right if that's also what you like."

16. "Wine not wear your pjs all day?"

17. "Me to my partner's hoodie: Be mine."

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18. "This Cinderella wears fuzzy slippers."

19. "And they lounged happily ever after."

20. "Felt cute, might stay in my pjs all Valentine's Day."

21. "I've found the onesie for me."

22. "This is what I mean when I say the snuggle is real."

23. "We go together like pajamas and hot chocolate."

24. "On Valentine's Day, we wear loungewear."

25. "You've got to be runway red-y, even in your pjs."

26. "Words cannot espresso how much I love this cardigan."

27. "Couch, loungewear, rom-coms, repeat."

28. "I love this loungewear a choco-lot."

29. "Roses are red. Violets are blue. My V-Day outfit is cuter than you."

30. "Home is where my pjs are."

31. "Valentine's Day looks great on us."

32. "Happy loungewear day."

33. "Can my soulmate be this sweater?"

34. "Red or pink loungewear? That is the question."

35. "Matching loungewear feels so right."

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