Easter Captions For Your Dog

35 Easter Captions For Your Dog & Pictures Of Your Egg-cellent Day Together

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Getting to spend time with your loved ones is just one of the many reasons why you love Easter — and that includes your pup. Actually, making Easter plans with your dog sounds like the best way to celebrate the day. You can dress up in matching pastel colors, and go for a nice spring walk. While having fun, snap a selfie of the two of you smiling and post to the 'Gram with Easter captions for your dog.

Any picture with your pup needs to be shared all over social media — and your post is only complete with a good caption. While something like, "Happy Easter," is nice, it is also a little played out. Have some fun with your caption by being inspired by the holiday and your pup. Use a punny quote with words like egg-cited or hoppy when posting a silly snap of your dog in some bunny ears. Or use something sweet and endearing with a shot of you and your pup cuddling on an Easter picnic blanket. Since you never know what adorable things your pup will do, you want to be as prepared as possible. Hopefully one of these 35 Easter captions for your dog will work with whatever pictures you end up taking.

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1. "I'm egg-cited to spend the day with you."

2. "Felt cute. Might spend Easter with my fave some-bunny."

3. "Running around the park with you is eggs-hausting."

4. "You make me so hoppy."

5. "My dog is simply ear-resistible."

6. "Who needs an Easter bunny when you have an Easter doggo?"

7. "We don't carrot all."

8. "My dog's favorite Easter candy is jelly bones."

9. "Is it cheating if I use my dog during the Easter egg hunt?"

10. "Going for a walk in the park is our Easter eggs-ercise."

11. "Thanks fur the best Easter ever."

12. "I just woof spending Easter with you."

13. "I love you so much, it's not even bunny."

14. "The Easter bunny is real. I shih tzu not."

15. "Without my pup, I'd go off the Peep end."

16. "No bunny loves you like your dog loves you."

17. "And then, my dog and I lived hoppily ever after."

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18. "My dog and I are like two Peeps in a pod."

19. "I carrot even with how cute my dog is being rn."

20. "I rescued one good egg."

21. "My dog really cracks me up."

22. "My dog is having a really good hare day."

23. "I can tell my dog is egg-cited by how much [his/her] tail is wagging."

24. "I'm my dog's some-bunny."

25. "My egg hunt partner for life."

26. "We're ready fur some Easter food."

27. "Someone's getting an eggs-tra bit of kibble today."

28. "What a hoppy ending to the most wonderful Easter with you."

29. "I'm dyeing to spend more time with my dog."

30. "My dog and I still believe in the Easter bunny."

31. "What an egg-cellent day with my dog."

32. "Didn't think I'd post an Easter pic with my dog? Yolk's on you."

33. "There's nothing better than Easter Sunday, unless it's Easter Sunday with your dog."

34. "It's always a pawsome Easter with you."

35. "What a pawfect Easter day with my dog by my side."