Throwback Easter Egg Painting

30 Clever Captions For Throwback Easter Pics & Missing Your Fave Peeps

Your Easter weekends usually consisted of at least some face-to-face time with your favorite peeps (both the marshmallow snacks and your real crew). Any time your squad got together around the holiday, you knew you were in for a day of colorful crafts, delicious treats, delightful snapshots, and eggs-tra LOLs. This year may be different, though, and you may not be able to meet up with your pals IRL for any of those kinds of activities. So, you'll just have to make due with some photos from years past, and some captions for throwback Easter pics to kick them up a notch.

You and your crew may have a few traditions for Easter, like weaving flower crowns, throwing a festive brunch, or painting some cute Easter eggs. Donning your best pastels and munching on chocolate Easter bunnies is a must for the day, and your snaps reflect that. Since your pics are sweeter than Cadbury eggs, you'll need some equally fun captions for throwback Easter photos to match.

Posting to your Insta will be so easy now that the hunt for the right caption is over. Simply scroll through your camera roll to find your favorite pic with your fave bunnies. Then, look through these captions for throwback Easter snaps to find the ones that put a little spring in your step.

bojanstory/E+/Getty Images

1. "Hoppin' back to the best day with my best crew."

2. "Peep how hard I always smile around these guys."

3. "#TBT the best Easter ever, featuring my fave chicks."

4. "Missing this crew eggs-tra today."

5. "More chocolate and more mems like this please."

6. "The spring squad, always and forever."

7. "Hey besties, if you're reading this, know I'm only a hop away."

8. "I love my Easter traditions with this crew so much, it's not even bunny."

9. "Two peeps in a pod since Day 1."

10. "My jellybeans, my everything."

11. "I'd give away all my eggs for another Easter like this."

12. "No bunny compares to these Easter bunnies."

13. "Ears to another Easter like this one."

14. "Thinkin' about these good eggs today."

15. "Chick out these eggs we painted."

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16. "Just remembering this Easter puts a bounce in my step."

17. "We need to make more flower crowns ASAP."

18. "Easter is sweeter with y'all around."

19. "These mems are all hoppin' back to me."

20. "Some bunny get me more moments like this, STAT."

21. "(Egg) shell we recreate this brunch soon?

22. "Hatching more plans like this as we speak..."

23. "Hare for my besties yesterday, today, and tomorrow."

24. "These pics make me so hoppy."

25. "The best-laid plans involve these chickadees."

26. "Chock-full of Easter mems with these BFFs."

27. "An appreciation post for the best of the basket."

28. "Still not over how cute our flower crowns came out."

29. "I can't egg-nore how much I miss these peeps today."

30. "Dear Easter bunny, please bring back this moment."