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Make A Playful Post On Your Sagittarius Partner's Birthday With These IG Captions

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To your astrology-loving soul, November isn't just the beginning of the holiday season. It's also the start of Sagittarius season, and when all of the planets align for your significant other. Yes, they were born in this ever-moving time of the year, which is likely why they're always ready for a new adventure, friendship, or notification on IG. Don't sleep on a prime opportunity to post a picture of them. Prep a photo with one of these Instagram captions for your Sagittarius partner's birthday that'll speak to their playful side.

Is there anyone you know who's as fun-loving as your partner? It's very likely that they're the one in your relationship to come up with ideas for date night, and plan entire backyard photo shoots at a moment's notice. Being a fire sign, creativity and spontaneity is basically second nature to them. They thrive whenever you ask them, "Do you want to go on a hike today?" right after waking up, or "Can you help me pick out a new book?" If you wanted to talk about the vastness of the universe or the very best boutique hotels to stay at around the world, you'd want to hunker down for a long, passionate conversation with them.

A Sagittarius is never short on information, opinions, and experiences to share, which are probably some of the things you love about your partner the most. They keep you on your toes and surprise you with acts of love. On their birthday, return the favor a bit by posting a pic on Instagram with a playful, heartfelt, and Sagittarius-esque caption.

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1. "Happy birthday to the brightest star in my sky."

2. "I'll always say yes to adventures with you."

3. "You're an adventure and home all at once."

4. "Another lap around the sun with my Sagittarius."

5. "The world is wide, and I want to see it entirely with you."

6. "You should just go for it. That's what a Sagittarius would do."

7. "If you don't take some risks, you'll never feel the magic."

8. "Special talents: can plan an entire trip with their eyes closed."

9. "So in love with you, my Sagittarius."

10. "Thank you for always encouraging me to be more, and do more."

11. "The world needs who you were made to be."

12. "The most optimistic person of them all."

13. "Being with you feels like reaching your destination after a long flight."

14. "Stay in your Sagittarius magic."

15. "There are so many beautiful reasons to love a Sagittarius."

16. "The good times are in whichever direction you're walking."

17. "Love her but leave her wild." — Atticus

18. "Nobody makes me belly laugh quite like you."

19. "Lucky I'm in love with a Sagittarius."

20. "Every night with us is like a dream." — Taylor Swift, "New Romantics"

21. "Drops of Jupiter in her hair..." — Train, "Drops of Jupiter"

22. "She lit a fire, but now she's in my every thought." — Lord Huron, "She Lit a Fire"

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23. "The sun has some serious competition in you."

24. "Taking life one curiosity at a time."

25. "The universe is on your side, I just know it."

26. "Time to add some new memories to our collection."

27. "Life is better when I'm smiling with you."

28. "Let's celebrate everything, everywhere."

29. "So, what's it like being a Sagittarius?"

30. "Nothing but blue skies and my Sagittarius."

31. "I'm going to tell the stars to always align for you."

32. "Where to next, babe?"

33. "According to the universe, it's your time to shine."

34. "Full of surprises, dreams, and love."

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