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34 Insta Captions For Your Intimate Halloween At Home With Your Boo

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You and your partner may typically go all-out for Halloween, and this year will be no different. Although you may not be hosting a party with your BFFs and bobbing for apples while everyone sings "Monster Mash," you're still planning on getting dressed up in matching costumes that are an ode to your favorite TV show or meme. Be sure to snap a picture of those looks for social media, and use one of these Instagram captions for Halloween at home with your partner on your upcoming post with your boo.

Your BFFs will likely follow your lead and dress up like aliens, mermaids, or Ross and Rachel from Friends with their partner. Once they tap share and start raking in the comments, a virtual costume contest will ensue. In the group chat, you'll start getting competitive and update each other whenever you score a bunch of new likes. Of course, there won't be any hard feelings over who "wins." Everyone will just be happy to be in the holiday spirit and celebrating in a safe yet collaborative way.

Long story short: spending the spooky holiday at home in the company of your partner, will be total #ghouls. Whether you're having a little party on Zoom, eating candy and watching Halloween movies, or simply snapping a pic in a costume and starting a virtual contest of sorts, it'll be a holiday to remember. Use one of these 34 IG captions on a picture you take with your boo, and have a witchin' good time.

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1. "Did we dress up in costumes just for the 'gram? Yup!"

2. "Life is ghoul for me and you."

3. "Nothing will stop us from getting dressed up on Halloween."

4. "You're my forever boo."

5. "I'm lucky to be in love with someone who appreciates Halloween."

6. "Home is where the ghostly makeup and candy are."

7. "Every Halloween is fang-tastic with you."

8. "What? Haven't you seen two ghosts kiss before?"

9. "Let the virtual costume contest begin."

10. "We see your at-home Halloween celebration, and raise you ours."

11. "Having a Halloween photoshoot in our living room, because why not?"

12. "Just a couple of Halloween lovers."

13. "I like you because you're kind of candy corny."

14. "Dressing up our home with all the skeletons and cobwebs tonight."

15. "Hey, MTV. Welcome to our Halloween-themed crib."

16. "Here for the kisses and boos."

17. "There's nowhere I'd rather spend Halloween than our home."

18. "Bobbing for candy apples in the kitchen. How about you?"

19. "It's the love for Halloween for me."

20. "You dress up for Halloween pretty good."

21. "As cute as the pumpkins on our front steps."

22. "Tonight's schedule includes eating candy and watching Halloween movies on the couch."

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23. "This Instagram photo may contain boos."

24. "I love you more than all of the Halloween movies in the world."

25. "Getting into the spirit of things over here."

26. "If you've got an amazing partner, haunt it."

27. "Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who's the most Halloween-obsessed couple of them all?"

28. "Creating spooky magic right at home this year."

29. "A Halloween party for two, please."

30. "Settle a debate for us: Whose costume is better?"

31. "All dressed up and nowhere to go."

32. "It's a real treat that I get to love you for the rest of my life."

33. "Stay spooky, babe."

34. "Sweeter than the chocolate bars and peanut butter cups."