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33 Instagram Captions For Halloween That Are Totally Ghoul

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Nothing compares to Halloween season. From whimsy costume parties, to awesome candy deals, to cozy jack-o'-lanterns on front porches everywhere, you can't help but love this fang-tastic celebration of all things spooky. Not only is it a fun time to hang out with your best friends, but it's a truly Instagram-worthy holiday as well. With all the costume selfies and pumpkin-filled group pics, you need Instagram captions for Halloween 2019 right now.

I get it; you're too busy dancing to the "Monster Mash," and digging through the candy bowl to find your favorite sweet treat. Though, if you don't post a costume pic on the 'Gram on Oct. 31, what's the point in wearing one at all? You need to show off your elaborate costume, and a good caption is the cherry topping to your post. That's where I come in as a true ghoul-friend to provide you with these 33 Halloween Instagram captions. Now, no work is needed from you to post that pic right away.

Choose something punny that'll make your friends laugh, or opt for a quote that perfectly captures the chilling spirit of Halloween. The best part is each one of these captions will work for every pumpkin carving and Hocus Pocus-watching night in, as well as your gourdgeous costume selfies. So, really the work's been done for you, and all that's left is to have the best Halloween ever.


1. "Fangs for the likes."

2. "Having a hot ghoul Halloween."

3. "I'm the queen of witchful thinking."

4. "Howl about them apples?"

5. "Keep calm and carry a wand."

6. "Feeling gourdgeous."

7. "If you don't like my costume, witch please."

8. "I'm purr evil. Happy Meow-oween."

9. "Let me be Frank, I stein Halloween."

10. "You gotta creep it real."

11. "I'm bad and boo-jee."

12. "I'm the queen of Halloween."

13. "I don't know what you're talking about. This isn't a costume. I'm always a witch."

14. "I'd like to scary on if possible."

15. "Have a fang-tastic Halloween!"

16. "Party on, my witches."


17. "I've got some wicked awesome friends."

18. "Ghouls just wanna have fun."

19. "Felt cute, might scare someone later."

20. "Hanging with my ghoulfriends. #squadghouls"

21. "But first, let's check out the witches brew."

22. "I'm truly crushing it in this Halloween costume."

23. "Everything I brew, I brew it for you."

24. "I heard this party was bring your own boos."

25. "I'm fierce enough. I don't need no boo."

26. "Whoever suggests to split up in a horror movie... just don't."

27. "I just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% that witch."

28. "Heard you say I'm not the baddest. Witch, you lied."

29. "I'm a very good witch. I know how to drive a broom."

30. "If you ain't got nothing to add, you need to step away from the cauldron."

31. "Stay away from black flame candles."

32. "I'm totally ghoul with whatever you want to do."

33. "Life is gourd when it's Halloween time."

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