A couple in fuzzy onesies lounge on the couch, sipping warm drinks.

32 New Year's Day Loungewear Captions That Are So Warm & Bubbly

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It's been a long year, but thanks to your couch and fave sherpa throw, you've enjoyed much-needed rest and relaxation. While you gather up your household crew, sparkly cocktails, and streamers, don't leave the cozy vibes behind when you ring in the new year. As you kick back to celebrate the first day of 2021, you'll want to have these New Year's Day loungewear captions handy to make your feed look and feel comfy AF.

The best part about celebrating the holidays at home is that you don't have to spend time pondering what to wear. You're staying safe and as cozy as possible in your jammies while following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) safety guidelines for New Year's Eve, which include celebrating with only your immediate household at home or virtually with loved ones.

Despite not being able to toast with a big group of friends and family in person this year, your first Insta post of the new year can still be fabulous. Simply don your new tie-dye set and snap a plandid while lighting your New Year's Eve-themed candles. Or, take a photo of your household crew tossing confetti in the air while you're laughing on the couch. If you're quarantining alone, you can snap a fun mirror selfie in your cozy crewneck and fluffy slippers, and pair it with a witty New Year's Day loungewear caption.

Whether you're planning a NYE-themed movie marathon or dancing around in your jammies to a virtual DJ all day long, you'll be so happy you're doing so in your cozy loungewear. To bring the new year vibes onto your feed, have these New Year's Day loungewear captions ready to post for a firecrackin' good time.

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1. "On the first day of the year, we wear pjs."

2. "Sippin' my way to the sofa."

3. "New year, same sweatpants."

4. "Already marathoning all the new shows on Netflix."

5. "Can we keep pjs in fashion in 2021?"

6. "Cozy time, always."

7. "Starting the year off right with my sweater half."

8. "New year, new loungewear."

9. "Just jammin' in my jammies."

10. "Fuzzy slippers are the best kind of dancing shoes."

11. "Petition to keep cozy season strong all year."

12. "Makin' fleece with the year."

13. "Cheers from my couch to yours."

14. "Getting off on the fuzzy foot this year."

15. "I definitely don't have cold feet about starting this year right."

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16. "Shine bright like a NYE candle."

17. "Lounging today, tomorrow, and the next day."

18. "A cozy cat nap with my fave feline."

19. "Nothing icy about this #fit."

20. "To another year with my slipper squad."

21. "Thank you, 2020, for all the naps."

22. "2021? Sweater late than never."

23. "TikToked my way into the new year."

24. "Happy New Year's Day from your local couch crew."

25. "Sippin' in style in silk."

26. "Chillin' out this year."

27. "Wearing my best with my besties."

28. "Always sparkling, even in my pjs."

29. "Day one with my day ones."

30. "Pjs and virtual DJs."

31. "The year really Zoomed by."

32. "Bubbly with a side of fuzzy slippers, please."