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32 Captions For Drive-Thru Christmas Light Shows That Shine So Bright

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One of your favorite activities of the holiday season is driving by the houses in your town and enjoying the dreamy Christmas light displays. Reindeer figurines and blow-ups of the Grinch never fail to make you smile, laugh, and say, "Look at that one!" while tapping on the breaks. As you adventure to see the bigger and brighter shows this year, make sure you post at least one of these Instagram captions for drive-thru Christmas light shows along with your colorful and festive snaps.

Show the world how you're enjoying the holiday season by going to a drive-thru light show while staying cozy and safe in your own car. This is a fun activity you can do solo or with your immediate household who you have been quarantining with, as that adheres to the guidelines via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Drive-thru light shows also give you a chance to celebrate the season of giving, drink hot cocoa, watch holiday movies, and snag new IG #content at the same time. While you're casually working your way through a show, you can take selfies in the backseat with the magical glow, and put your camera lens up to the window to grab a pic of your favorite displays. For those pics, snag one of the captions for light shows before jingle bell rockin' into your next post.

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1. "Stay in your Christmas magic, babe."

2. "This is what I imagine the North Pole to look like."

3. "I saw a reindeer tonight. How about you?"

4. "Stopped by the drive-thru for the prime selfie lighting."

5. "Let's go look at Christmas lights."

6. "Getting some #inspo for my future holiday light display."

7. "The kind of place the Grinch is scared of..."

8. "There wasn't a single Scrooge in sight."

9. "Just a camera and some holiday vibes."

10. "I want to live in a Christmas light show."

11. "A million lights make for a beautiful sight."

12. "Season's greetings from the drive-thru light show!"

13. "Should I save this picture for next year's holiday card?"

14. "Pro tip: Make hot chocolate before going to a light show."

15. "The vibes are really immaculate in this light tunnel."

16. "I bet you can't count all the lights in this photo."

17. "Jingling our way through the light show."

18. "A light show a day keeps the Grinches away."

19. "I'm happy to report there were reindeer and snowflakes galore."

20. "Nights like this light up my whole world."

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21. "Lights, cameras, Christmas."

22. "Hashtag Christmas."

23. "File this light show under experiences I want to have again."

24. "Having the most magical night of them all."

25. "Spoiler alert: This drive-thru doesn't have chicken nuggets."

26. "Sorry, guys. TikTok saw this light show first."

27. "This is what I mean when I say 'merry and bright.'"

28. "All I want for Christmas is this light-up reindeer."

29. "Things are starting to look quite bright."

30. "I like long drives through the Christmas light show."

31. "Gone to the light show. Be back later."

32. "'Tis the season to look at Christmas lights."

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