A group of friends enjoy pizza on the couch while watching the football game on TV.

32 Clever Football Puns For Kicking It With Your Friends During The Game

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A big football game can only mean two things: It's time to call up your friends and order some pizza. There's nothing better than watching the game with your crew while enjoying the usual game day snacks like chips and dip, buffalo chicken wings, and a cheesy pie. Whether it's your college team's big day or Super Bowl Sunday, you want to make sure you have some clever football puns included in your spread.

There's no denying that when you get your whole crew together, a group pic is bound to happen. When the time comes to post, you want to be ready with the right play to score major likes on the 'Gram. That may mean using a caption you know will make everyone laugh. The best way to do that is with a pun. As cheesy as they can be, everyone gets a kick out of a good pun. Plus, you love that extra bit of cheese, especially on your slice of pizza.

So when the time comes to post your group snaps or selfies of you enjoying all the game day snacks, use any of these 32 clever football puns as your captions. Then, get back to cheering on your team and having a tail-great time.


1. "Kicking off game day with my team."

2. "Isn't it tail-great anytime we get the whole crew together?"

3. "I like big punts and I cannot lie."

4. "I made a snap decision and chose a slice of cheese over the pepperoni."

5. "Football is a habit I will never quit."

6. "I don't know about you, but I'm footballin'."

7. "This beer is my number one draft pick."

8. "The huddle is real with this team."

9. "Hanging with my bud... light."

10. "Try not to drop the ball and come over to watch the game."

11. "Here's the game plan: watch football, eat food, and have a good time."

12. "I wish the halftime show lasted the whole time."

13. "This is my super bowl. It's filled with guacamole."

14. "I'm always wide open for football."

15. "We're really winging it this Super Bowl Sunday."


16. "We're about to kickoff this football party."

17. "Is it out of bounds to say I have the greatest friends in the world?"

18. "I'm retaining possession on the queso. #SorryNotSorry"

19. "In queso you don't have plans, you're welcome to come watch the game with me."

20. "This is nacho average football party."

21. "Catch footballs, not feelings."

22. "Tackling everything on my game day to-do list."

23. "I didn't know who had the ball, and then, it hit me."

24. "I'm always touchdown to hang."

25. "This is the calm before the score."

26. "It's a goal new ball game out there."

27. "I'm just going to wing it."

28. "I'm living in a fantasy football world."

29. "On game day, I'm in total feast mode."

30. "Did you want the soup or the bowl?"

31. "I only want to taco 'bout football."

32. "Having a field day over here."

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