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32 Captions For Your Costume With Your Pup That'll Crush It At The Pawty

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There's no greater pawtner in crime to take on Halloween with than your best furry friend. That's why you're currently looking for captions for your costume with your dog. Sooner or later, you're going to snap about a million cute pics together, and you'll need some clever captions to choose from. Well, I'm here to let you know that no fetching will be necessary, because I have you covered with a list of captions that'll make your selfie pop amongst the rest.

Coordinating the perfect Halloween costume is the first step. If your dog goes as a mystical unicorn, you could be a princess or a mermaid. If your pooch rocks a hot dog costume, you can dress up as a cheeseburger or French fries. Once your outfits are set, you'll need to figure out the cutest poses to show off your looks. Snap a silly selfie with your fur baby, or an adorable pic together in front of the Halloween decor. Once your fave snap has been chosen, use any of these 32 adorable captions to make a your friends howl with laughter.


1. "Witch better have my Milk Bones."

2. "We've never felt more bootiful."

3. "I'm very aware wolf of how cute we look."

4. "Happy HOWL-o-ween from your fave pup."

5. "Don't we look quite fetching?"

6. "Don't fur-get about the tricks."

7. "I think its pretty obvious who won the costume contest."

8. "I say, 'Happy Halloween,' and you say, 'Happy HOWL-o-ween.'"

9. "Fur real... I can't believe I got my dog to wear this."

10. "My favorite pumpkin is a pugkin."

11. "Who said we're wearing a costume? This is our everyday look."

12. "My dog's just wondering witch way to the treats."

13. "We've been invited to so many Halloween paw-ties."

14. "I'm really good at picking the cutest pumpkin in the patch. Woofn't you agree?"

15. "I'm not going to point paws, but one of us ate all their treats already."

16. "Yes, it is very ruff being this cute on Halloween."

17. "One of us is wearing this for the cute pictures. The other is wearing this for the dog treats."


18. "Been creepin' it real since he/she was a pup."

19. "When my dog's involved, it's obvious who wore it better."

20. "Name a more paw-fect Halloween duo. You can't."

21. "I kind of want to wear this costume fur-ever."

22. "Please no tricks. We only want treats."

23. "We're just so doggone cute."

24. "Ruff life."

25. "Ain't nothing ruff about spending Halloween with you."

26. "Thanks fur letting me dress you up in costumes."

27. "It's im-paw-sible to be this cute, and yet, here we are."

28. "Feeling fur-ocious on Halloween."

29. "Fur-tunately, I have a dog who's always willing to dress up."

30. "I found my doggleganger."

31. "When you're this cute, it's hard to avoid the puparazzi."

32. "Oh my pugness! We're cute."

Whether you're going to all the paw-ties together, or you're staying at home for a scary movie marathon with your pup, you have everything you need right here. Post that cute costume selfie with a funny caption, and start to see the likes roll in.

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