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31 Instagram Captions For Kettle Corn Pics That Are Sweet & Salty


Out of all the snack options at the fair, kettle corn is the real MVP. There's something about the sweet and salty combo that makes it the perfect snack to enjoy when you're walking around. Even if you're not that hungry, you probably will be the minute you smell that delicious kettle corn aroma in the air. That's when you need to grab a fresh bag and be prepared with Instagram captions for kettle corn pics.

Even though I always want kettle corn when I'm going to a fall fair or carnival, that's not the only place you can find it. I recently went to a pumpkin patch with my bestie and they had a tent set up just for kettle corn. Naturally, I bought myself a bag to snack on while I looked for pumpkins. It ended up being the cherry on top of my fall day.

That's what kettle corn does. It can turn any autumn plan into one that's extra a-maize-ing. That's why you need to have kettle corn captions on hand whenever you're enjoying that delicious treat. I've already turned these kernels into 31 captions, so all you need to do is copy and paste them when you're ready to post those cute kettle corn selfies.


1. "Life can be salty, but it can also be sweet."

2. "Today was clearly poppin'."

3. "Thanks for popping by, friends."

4. "No one's butter than kettle corn."

5. "Aww shucks, I love you, kettle corn."

6. "This may be corny, but I love kettle corn with my whole heart."

7. "Hope your day was as poppin' as mine was."

8. "Fall is sweeter when you're eating kettle corn with your boo."

9. "Don't get salty with me if I don't want to share my kettle corn."

10. "I think kettle corn is just a-maize-ing."

11. "It's only fair to share your kettle corn with me."

12. "Kettle corn's the most pop-ular snack at the fair."

13. "I'm only a little bit salty."

14. "Feelin' salty, but sweet."

15. "The only one I'd share my kettle corn with."

16. "Corn I have some of your kettle corn?"

17. "Having a great time at the corn-ival."


18. "Very corn-cerned that I'm running out of kettle corn."

19. "I corn share my kettle corn, but that doesn't mean I will."

20. "Sorry, not sorry. I have to corn-centrate on eating all this kettle corn."

21. "Kettle corn is the OG candy corn."

22. "A-maized at how much I love this kettle corn."

23. "Why be regular popcorn when you can be kettle corn?"

24. "They asked sweet or salty, and I said both."

25. "Fall means eating kettle corn with your besties."

26. "Don't be corn-fused, I will finish this entire bag all by myself."

27. "I have to say, this snack is pretty corny."

28. "Corn you not right now?"

29. "Let's settle this debate. It's salty AND sweet."

30. "Kettle corn makes everything so much sweeter."

31. "Current situation: buying all the kettle corn."