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30 Puns To Caption Your *Lit* Pumpkin Carving Pics

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Other than dressing up on Oct. 31, the beloved Halloween tradition that has been around since Day One is pumpkin carving. You and your entire squad probably have plans to hit up a pumpkin patch and pick out the cutest ones. Then, you'll continue the fun by bringing your pumpkins home and turning them into spooky jack-o-lanterns. While you're carving, be the best host you can be by serving up pumpkin spice lattes and chocolatey treats. (Your friends will thank you.) With all of the fun there is to be had, you'll need some pumpkin carving puns for when you want to post pics to Instagram.

The most difficult part about pumpkin carving is choosing the perfect design. You could go for something scary, a cute nod to a popular meme from this year, or opt for a traditional jack-o-lantern face. If you really want to give your social media followers pumpkin to talk about, scope out a few elaborate stencils on Pinterest.

If you're great with a paintbrush, plan on painting a colorful gourd, and then bedazzle it. No matter what you decide to do, you and your besties have to pose for a group pic with all of your finished masterpieces. Since you'll be too busy carving your pumpkin and sipping your PSL, I've assembled this list of 30 puns for you to pick your caption from.

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1. "Cut it out!" — Full House

2. "Go big or gourd home."

3. "Got to the seedy part of the pumpkin."

4. "Just carving out some fun with my besties."

5. "Dear gourd."

6. "Happy Hollow-ween, witches."

7. "Let's be honest: This pumpkin really succ-seeded my expectations."

8. #SquashGoals.

9. "Oh my gourd, things are getting lit."

10. "My pumpkin's really jacked."

11. "Life is gourd when you're spending time with your best ghoulfriends."

12. "Let's give 'em pumpkin' to talk about."

13. "My pumpkin and I are ready to get lit."

14. "My pumpkin is totally gourdgeous."

15. "This pumpkin's gonna be such a cutie pie."

16. "I only have pies for this pumpkin."

17. "My pumpkin is smiling on the outside, but hollow on the inside."

18. "My pumpkin's looking sharp."

19. "Let's get to the point: I can't wait to carve this pumpkin."

20. "Hello, pumpkin."

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21. "Orange you glad it's Halloween?"

22. "Cutest pup-kin in the patch."

23. "What's the scoop?"

24. "I've got the inside scoop on this pumpkin."

25. "This pumpkin's got a lot of guts."

26. "Here's the scoop: I'm having a really gourd time carving pumpkins."

27. "Time to get glowing."

28. "I love my jack-o-lantern a whole watt."

29. "I'm de-lighted to show you my pumpkin."

30. "Hey pumpkin, you are the light of my life."

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