A happy couple shows off their engagement ring on the computer.

30 Captions For Zoom Engagements & Virtually Toasting The Champagne

Hiraman/E+/Getty Images

You just got engaged to the love of your life, and now it's time to spread the news. Thanks to Zoom, it's easier than ever to show off your bling, happy tears, and smiles to your whole family. With Instagram captions for Zoom engagements on hand, you have all the essentials to share the good news on the 'Gram, too.

Many couples have adjusted their special plans this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It may have put a pause on large gatherings, but it won't stop the celebrations from happening virtually. If you and your partner want to throw an engagement party with your friends and family, Zoom is the way to go. While it may not be the get-together you originally had in mind, you have everything you need to have a good time.

Use the decorations you have at home to make your space pass the party vibe check, or use some Zoom virtual backgrounds to do the decorating for you. Swap your favorite lounge wear for the sparkliest dress in your closet, so it can match the ring on your finger. (Speaking of the ring, now you can easily show that off to everyone in attendance simply by holding it up to your computer camera.)

With your guests smiling, snap a group photo screenshot of your Zoom hangout, and share the good news (and bling) with everyone else by posting on the 'Gram with any of these 30 engagement captions.


1. "Forever has a nice ring to it."

2. "Let's zoom to our wedding day."

3. "It doesn't matter if it's IRL or virtually, I'll always say 'yes' to you."

4. "Zoom, zoom, zoom. Make my heart go boom boom." — Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

5. "Quick question: Does this ring make me look engaged?"

6. "This engagement party may be low-key, but nothing about our love is."

7. "I'll never forget today, because it was the beginning of my always."

8. "#NoFilter needed for this ring."

9. "This is the most engaging Zoom call you'll ever see."

10. "I promise the wedding will happen IRL."

11. "Damn right, he/she/they put a ring on it."

12. "I found the easiest way to show everyone my ring at once."

13. "Excuse me while I change my Zoom name to fiancée."

14. "Thank you for saying 'yes' to my Zoom call invite."

15. "Everybody get in here, I have some exciting news."


16. "Oh, so this is what happily ever after looks like on Zoom."

17. "We just leveled up this Zoom call to engaged status."

18. "Someone (virtually) pass the champagne this way."

19. "Thanks to Zoom recording, I can relive this moment over and over again."

20. "My hands feel a little heavier today when I type. I wonder why."

21. "Out of all the Zoom calls, this one has so far been the sparkliest."

22. "No need to check your WiFi, we're not frozen. I just permanently have this smile on my face."

23. "Does this Zoom engagement mean I'm going to be a WiFi Wifey?"

24. "Can we talk about the elephant in the Zoom... I mean, ring on my finger?"

25. "I can't wait for you to see this ring in person."

26. "Thanks to virtual backgrounds, we can get engaged anywhere we'd like."

27. "Get engaged to my best friend. [insert check mark emoji]"

28. "I started this Zoom call with a BF/GF, but I'm ending it with a fiancée."

29. "The next chapter of our love story starts on Zoom."

30. "Nothing's gonna stop us from getting engaged."