These party backgrounds for Zoom make it easy to host a virtual celebration.

Use These Festive Party Backgrounds On Zoom For Your Next Virtual Bash

Nenad Stojnev /E+/Getty Images

Virtual backgrounds easily change the vibe of your Zoom calls to suit any occassion. If you want to celebrate a special event or birthday with friends remotely, you can turn a video call into a party by swapping out your physical background for a virtual one. Here are 12 party backgrounds for Zoom that will have you so ready to celebrate.

Whatever you're celebrating, Zoom's virtual background feature can transform your call into a festive gathering. To replace your physical background with a virtual one, you'll need to make sure you meet the minimum requirements, using Zoom version 4.6.0 on your PC or Mac, or an updated version of the Zoom mobile app on an iPhone 8 or later. You can also use an iPad if it's a fifth generation or later.

Next, sign into Zoom with your account and go to the Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the right corner of its homepage. Then, select the Virtual Background tab and click the plus icon (+) to upload the background of your choice. Once you're in a call, you can also update the background by going to video camera icon in the lower lefthand corner, clicking the upwards arrow, and choosing "Choose Virtual Background..." From there, you can upload an image or pick from what you have saved. Zoom recommends using high-resolution images from a royalty-free image service like Pixabay, Unsplash, or Pexels.

There are a multitude of party backgrounds available, so get ready for a remote bash.

1. Pink birthday cake

This pink birthday cake background features a bouquet of flowers and a rose-colored cake complete with swirly candles.


2. DJ set

What screams "party" more than your own virtual DJ? This DJ party background with colorful lights looks like you're right in the middle of the action.

3. Cake & party favors

This party-themed background will put you in a celebratory mood with its colorful pink cakes, teal party hat, and confetti.


4. Happy birthday!

You can download this party background and set the mood by showcasing a red neon display of "Happy Birthday" right behind you.

5. Dance party

Download a dance party background to put a little pep in your step. Add some music and you've got a virtual dance party in no time at all.

Maurício Mascaro/Pexels

6. Birthday balloons

This party background says it all with a collection of colorful balloons hanging over your head.

7. Dinner party

Whether you're celebrating a birthday or something else, this chic dinner party background will make you all feel like you're across the table from each other.

Mat Brown/Pexels

8. Chapagne celebration

Celebrating your birthday might include popping some bubbly, so cheers to this champagne party background, complete with two glasses, a bottle of pink champagne, and elegant lighting.

9. Sweet pup birthday

What's better than celebrating with your BFFs? Celebrating with them and your dog. This virtual party background is paw-some.


10. Outdoor party

This virtual party background will place you in the middle of a crowd celebrating outdoors, complete with hanging lights and a chill atmosphere.

11. Festive decor

This party background pulls out all of the stops with a balloon, confetti, some noise makers, a glittery banner, and a pink sprinkle donut.

12. Doggonit, it's your birthday.

Three pups are better than one. These adorable dogs are here to wish you a happy birthday with this virtual party background.