A happy woman in red pjs sits on the couch in her home on Christmas.

30 Captions For Spending Christmas Alone & Treating Your Elf

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You are Santa's best elf, because this year, you're taking the proper safety precautions amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. By staying put and not traveling back to your hometown in order to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, you might not be celebrating with your family in person. But, there's still much festive fun to be enjoyed, even if you're rocking around the Christmas tree solo and toasting to your loved ones virtually. To show off all the jingling good times you have on the 'gram, you'll need these Instagram captions for spending Christmas alone that will bring on all the cheer.

Both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will be chock full of activities. In between shooting videos of your TikTok Christmas dance challenges and having a holiday rom-com marathon, you'll want to take time to snap a few photos of the jolly good memories you're making. Take a picture of yourself in your Christmas pjs sipping a hot cocoa bomb by the tree, because you're living your best #cozy life. Or, sign up for a virtual holiday experience on Airbnb. You can even stage an LOL-worthy moment by taking multiple photos of yourself using TikTok's clone feature and pair it with one of these captions for spending Christmas alone.

While you're sleighing solo this holiday season, you'll be doing it in festive fashion. Spread the holiday joy to your followers with some cute pictures, along with any of these Instagram captions for spending Christmas alone.

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1. "Snow-one's truly alone on Christmas."

2. "Just me, myself ... and my hot cocoa bomb."

3. "Lovin' this quali-tree alone time."

4. "Definitely made it on the nice list this year."

5. "What would Kevin McCallister do next?"

6. "Celebrating 'Home Alone'-style."

7. "Not your typical Christmas Eve elfie."

8. "Home by my elf and not mad about it."

9. "Rockin' around in my Christmas jammies."

10. "Fuzzy socks and cozy candles."

11. "Not a single Grinch in sight."

12. "Wrapped up in blankets and cheer."

13. "Dashing through the living room."

14. "Havin' a jingle ball of a time."

15. "Staying in, Claus I love you."

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16. "I'm not elfish, I'm stayin' home."

17. "Treat your elf."

18. "A truly un-fir-gettable Christmas."

19. "Just going with the flow-ho-ho."

20. "Taking care of your h-elf."

21. "A sleigh'd back holiday."

22. "Wishin' you a merry Christmas, no matter how fir away you are."

23. "Did someone say Christmas cookies?"

24. "Bein' carol-ful and staying home."

25. "No coal this year for me."

26. "I get Santa to myself this year."

27. "All dressed up with snow-where to go."

28. "Celebrating this holiday solo-ho-ho."

29. "Know that I'm deer in spirit."

30. "Yule never guess how many hot chocolate bombs I had today."