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30 Instagram Captions For Libras, So You Can Sit Back & Relax This Season

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It makes perfect sense that the season that coordinates with your zodiac sign is fall, Libra. Like the leaves that are slowly drifting off the trees in October, you're chill and serene. You can usually be found on your couch casually playing on your phone, or in the kitchen cooking up a pot of homemade soup. It's only right that you have a few Instagram captions for Libras on hand to use whenever your heart desires during Libra season.

You may choose to use one when your birthday comes around, and you and your partner are celebrating by building a fort in your bedroom or hosting a charity event via Instagram Live. You may also reach for one of the captions below when you're apple picking at a local orchard and having trouble deciding between what dessert you want to make when you get home. Apple crisp or apple pie?

You'd much rather gather up captions for those lovely mems right now, before the fun begins, and you have to decide what words fit best with which moment. We got you covered, Libra. Sit back, relax, and leave the creativity to us. Get ready for a season where you'll likely feel so in sync with the tiny planet we live on, and to hit the "share" button after adding one of these 30 IG captions to your upcoming posts.

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1. "Just a Libra being a Libra."

2. "Let the Libras of the world handle this one."

3. "A chat with your Libra bestie a day keeps the bad vibes away."

4. "When you focus on the good, the good gets better."

5. "Live with intention like a Libra does."

6. "Going with the flow today and every day."

7. "Welcome to Libra season, aka the chillest of them all."

8. "Do whatever sprinkles your apple cider doughnuts."

9. "The world needs who you were made to be."

10. "Peace, love, and Libras."

11. "She has big Libra energy."

12. "It's the chill attitude for me."

13. "I've learned how to ride with the waves of life."

14. "Lucky I'm in love with another Libra."

15. "Libra kisses and autumn wishes."

16. "Things will work out. My Libra soul senses it."

17. "Bad vibes don't go with my outfit."

18. "Sticking with the mindset that I can do anything I dream."

19. "The constellations are on my side right now."

20. "This season is coming up 100% Libra."

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21. "If a Libra was a day of the week, they'd be a chill Friday."

22. "Everything is up in the air over here. It may be because I'm a Libra."

23. "Step into the autumn light, and glow."

24. "How lovely it is to be a Libra..."

25. "You could probably guess my zodiac sign based on my hiking shoes."

26. "Apple pies and Libra-loving skies."

27. "It is what it should be, and that gives me great comfort."

28. "I'll just be over here avoiding confrontation and being a Libra."

29. "The sun will rise and it will be another day in Libra season."

30. "Love, your favorite Libra."