20 Of The Cutest Captions For Apple Picking With Bae That Your Followers Will Eat Up

Apple picking is that fall pastime you never miss out on. And if you happen to be tagging along with the apple of your eye, you're in for an extra special treat. You and bae are going to inevitably fill up your baskets. The pics you snap are going to attract all of those likes, especially with cute couple apple picking captions to describe them.

It's fall, so there's no shame in getting basic. I wouldn't be surprised if you already have a picture or two in your phone sipping a PSL. Besides, it's never a dull moment doing just about anything with your SO. And you can't deny how many baked goods you plan on making with the apples you pick.

Make your captions funny or romantic. Be sure to incorporate how your SO makes you feel, even when you're doing something so laid-back like apple picking. Did you two come up with another inside joke while roaming the rows of trees? Mention it!

You know the two of you better than anyone else, so make your description unique, and show your followers that your relationship isn't trying to be like anyone else's. Any of these 20 captions will prove that you're making your own apple-y ever after.

1. "An apple a day keeps the exes away." — Unknown

2. "Going on a baecation. Destination? Apple orchards." — Unknown

3. "Picking apples with the apple of my eye." — Unknown

4. "I could do basic fall things with you during any time of the year." — Unknown

5. "If you didn't go apple picking with bae, did you even experience fall?" — Unknown

6. "At least I have someone to protect me if these trees turn out to be like the ones from the Wizard of Oz." — Unknown

7. "The apple orchard is on my autumn bucket list every year." — Unknown

8. "You make the apples jealous. They're no longer the sweetest things in the orchard." — Unknown

9. "We are writing our own apple-y ever after. Do you get it?" — Unknown

10. "I finally have someone tall enough to reach the apples that I want." — Unknown

Rowena Naylor/Stocksy

11. "No matter how old we get, we can all still enjoy the apple orchards." — Unknown

12. “Why not go out on a limb? That’s where the fruit is.” — Mark Twain

13. "Just because you found one bad apple doesn't mean you should give up on the tree." — Unknown

14. "Keep calm and eat an apple with bae." — Unknown

15. "I can't help but think about all of the lovely things I'm going to bake this year." — Unknown

16. "Was this picture taken before or after hot chocolate? Guess you'll never know." — Unknown

17. "Our relationship is sweet, too, but don't try and take a bite out of it." — Unknown

18. "Just skipping through an apple Wonderland with one of my favorite people." — Unknown

19. "Birds of a feather pick apples together, right?" — Unknown

20. "You are the apple to my pie." — Unknown

Get into as many fall activities as you can with bae this year. There's no shame in enjoying all of those autumn vibes with them by your side.