Instagram's New Donation Sticker Makes It So Easy To Raise Money For Your Fave Nonprofits

Courtesy of Instagram

In recent months, Instagram Stories have become more interactive than ever. Different features like quizzes, polls, questions, and more have become available, making it easy for IG users to connect with their followers through Stories. If you're an avid Story user, you might want to check out the latest sticker to hit the tray: the donation sticker. Yes, a donation sticker exists, and it'll help you raise money for your fave nonprofits. If you want to give it a go, you're probably wondering how to use Instagram's donation sticker in Stories. Thankfully, the process is super simple.

For reference, Instagram's new donation sticker became available on April 30. In order to use it, go ahead and launch your Instagram app. After doing so, open your camera button that you'd usually launch for Stories. Then, take a picture or upload your favorite photo. Yes, this process is almost identical to the process you'd take while creating a regular IG Story, but things change up when you get to the stickers tray.

When you have your photo ready to go, open the tray. (FYI, you can do so by clicking on the square button with a smiley face at the top of your camera screen.) Once you're in, scan the tray and click on the donation sticker. At that point, you'll be well on your way to raising money for your favorite charity.

Courtesy of Instagram

After clicking on the donation sticker, you'll see a list of nonprofit organizations on your screen (whether you're following them or not). By the looks of it, you'll also be able to search for charities within the donation sticker tray. When you find your go-to choice, go ahead and click on it.

After you choose the nonprofit that you want to raise money for, it'll appear as a sticker on your Story. Then, you can use Instagram's creative assets to personalize your fundraiser. That's pretty much it, though. When you're done creating your donation Story, add it to your profile or send it to your friends.

Courtesy of Instagram

Once your Story is live, your followers will be able to donate to your chosen organization straight from your sticker. There aren't any catches or fees, either. According to Instagram, all of the funds you raise on your Story will go to the charity that you chose — no ifs, ands, or buts.

So, how can you see how much money you've raised with your donation sticker? The process is simple. According to Instagram, you'll just have to swipe up on your Story to see how much money your followers have donated to the cause. That's super convenient if you're hoping to thank anyone who's made a donation.

Apparently, lots of people have been using the donation sticker since it's become available — including celebrities. According to Instagram, Miley Cyrus has already used it for donations toward the Happy Hippie Foundation, while Millie Bobbie Brown has used it for the Olivia Hope Foundation. Those are only a few examples, so keep your eyes out for more and donate if you can.