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Say "Oui" To These Chic Captions For Your 'Emily In Paris' Halloween Costume

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From the very first episode, Emily in Paris whisked you off your feet. It was like you got caught up in a new and exciting love — something that Emily Cooper is no stranger to — as you moved from one episode to the next. Now, you're sporting a hot pink jacket or red beret, and need a few Instagram captions for Emily in Paris Halloween costumes and all the chic pics you'll inevitably take on October 31. In those pics, you may pose just like Emily or make use of the Boomerang feature.

Don't expect a like from Gabriel, Camille, or Mindy, though. Granted, the real-life actors and actresses may catch a glimpse of your Emily in Paris-inspired look. The fictional ones will be on your TV screen while you get ready on Halloween, though. They'll be taking to the stage to sing and reclaim a long-lost career in showbiz, or sipping on champagne in their luxe villa while you sip a glass of your own Halloween-inspired cocktail and perfect your pink rose pose.

You wish you could be there with Emily and her friends, experiencing everything from the tasty French food, to the ballet, and the Gossip Girl inside jokes with legendary designers. For now, though, you're all about dressing up as Emily Cooper and taking pics that'll land on your own social page. After taking chic pics in your Emily in Paris costume, grab an IG caption from this list. Get ready for your friends to say "oui" in the comments.


1. "BRB, moving to Paris for a year."

2. "I think I'm going to fall in love with my neighbor today."

3. "Clearly, my French has kicked in."

4. "Bonjour! My name is Emily Cooper. It's so great to meet you."

5. "Do you think these flowers are from the South, or...?"

6. "A brightly-colored jacket a day doesn't keep the drama away."

7. "The Mindy to my Emily."

8. "Ready for my first day at Savoir."

9. "Wearing a beret in Paris? Groundbreaking."

10. "Wow, I'm getting an absurd number of new followers."

11. "I'll take the pink roses, please."

12. "Another day, another clever marketing campaign."

13. "Just waiting for my invitation to the influencer events."

14. "Gabriel's omelettes are the best. Don't come at me."

15. "#EmilyInParis."

16. "Living and looking like Emily in Paris."

17. "I started at episode one, and now I'm here."

18. "There's no better show to marathon-watch than 'Emily in Paris.'"

19. "Making new friends at flower stands and fashion shows."

20. "Do you want to go to the ballet with me tonight?"


21. "The French designer I'm friends with calls me 'Gossip Girl.'"

22. "Sipping on champagne, dreaming about Gabriel."

23. "This outfit is a 'oui' for me."

24. "Consider this my audition for season two of 'Emily in Paris.'"

25. "TBH, I'm on Team Camille, but Emily has cuter outfits."

26. "Social media queen right here."

27. "Give your French friends pumpkin to talk about."

28. "I'll take my baguette with a side of Gabriel."

29. "Woops, she's back in America."

30. "I finished 'Emily in Paris' in one day, and made this costume in another."

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