'Emily In Paris'

These 'Emily In Paris' Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Are The Opposite Of *Ringarde*

Carole Bethuel/Netflix

When it hit Netflix on Oct. 2, Emily In Paris made a huge splash with viewers around the world. Whether fans are debating the realism of the series or fawning over its designer fashion, audiences can't seem to stop talking about the lighthearted series. If you're among the fans who can't get enough, these Emily in Paris behind-the-scenes facts will satiate you until you give in start a re-watch.

Warning: Light spoilers for Season 1 of Emily in Paris follow. In Emily in Paris, an American millennial (Lily Collins) tries to make her way in Paris while navigating her marketing career, new friends (and lovers), and whole lot of cultural differences. The series is brought to life by Darren Star, the man behind rom-com shows like Sex and the City and Younger. Emily in Paris fits right in with Star's past work when it comes to frivolous fun. But fans have a lot to say about about how silly the show can be, and French critics have taken issue with how the show represents Parisian culture. Whether you love it, hate it, or still can't decided even after watching the whole thing in one sitting, there is undeniably something fascinating about Emily in Paris, and these behind-the-scenes facts will give you even more to explore.

1. The Entire Series Was Shot On Location

Carole Bethuel/Netflix

The series was filmed entirely in Paris, France, and the nearby Loire Valley. All the famous landmarks featured in the show are the real deal.

2. Some Of The Cast Lived Together While Filming

According to Cosmopolitan, Lucas Bravo (Gabriel), Ashley Park (Mindy), and Samuel Arnold (Julien) all moved in together during production.

3. Darren Star Was Inspired By His Own Experience In Paris

Star explained to Forbes, "I’ve wanted to do a show about an expatriate living in Paris for quite some time. When I was 19 I did the whole backpack tour of Europe for the summer, landed in Paris, and fell in love with the city. And I thought it would be great to share that feeling with an audience and create a show that would explore the overall experience of what it's like to be an American abroad."

4. Lily Collins & Ashley Park Had A Very Emily-esque Time In Paris

The most time Collins had spent in Paris before filming was two weeks, while Park had never been there at all before. The two embraced exploring the City of Lights together as happy tourists.

5. Emily & Mindy's Name Origins Are Very Sweet

Carole Bethuel/Netflix

According to Glamour, Star loved the simplicity of the name Emily, but said he also believes he subconsciously was making a nod to the 2001 film Amélie. Mindy is in honor of Star's dear friend, also named Mindy, who guided him through Paris, similar to the way Mindy guides Emily in the show.

6. Mindy Only Sings Because Ashley Park Plays Her

Park received a Tony Award nomination for her role in Mean Girls on Broadway, so after she was cast, Star asked her if she'd be into the idea of having Mindy sing.

7. Emily Is A Fan of 'Sex & The City'

According to an interview with E!, when thinking about Emily's backstory, Collins decided Emily probably grew up watching Sex and the City and takes a lot of inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw.

8. Emily's Jewelry Is A Nod To Carrie Bradshaw

Emily wears hoop earrings with her name in them, which is a sly homage to the nameplate necklace Carrie wears throughout Sex and the City. Since Sex and the City and Emily in Paris share a costume designer in Patricia Field, it makes sense there's some crossover between the shows.

9. ... So Are Her Costumes

Field also gave Emily a tulle skirt for her first big work event in episode 102. That's a little nod to the tulle skirt Carrie wears in Paris in the Sex and the City series finale.

10. Emily's Costumes Were Also Inspired By Audrey Hepburn

Carole Bethuel/Netflix

According to an interview with Netflix, Field believes Collins looks just like the famous movie star (she's not wrong!), so Emily's Christian Siriano look for the ballet is an homage to Hepburn in Funny Face.

11. Lily Collins Got To Keep Some Of The Costumes

The dress Emily ends up modeling toward the end of the season is an haute couture design by Stephane Rolland Haute Couture. Rolland gave Collins a clean version of the dress and shoes to keep after filming, Netflix revealed.

12. Emily's Phone Case Has A Backstory

Emily's camera phone case becomes a signature accessory for her, partly thanks to Collins pushing for it. She told Glamour, "I kept thinking it's super fun, and Emily loves photography. Plus, Emily is really obvious, so wearing a big camera around her neck says it all."

13. Gabriel Was A Chef IRL

Bravo told Manny the Movie Guy he was a sous chef years ago, and it made him realize he could easily play king-of-the-kitchen Gabriel.

14. Lucas Bravo Had To Audition *A Lot* For His Role

Bravo was brought in to read for his role several times and Star told Glamour he "put him through the ringer for months." Clearly, it all worked out in the end.

15. Lily Collins Actually Does Speak French

Collins used to be fluent in French but stopped practicing it regularly. But once she started working in Paris for the series, she revealed in a Netflix Q&A, started dreaming in French.

16. A Famous 'Sex & The City' Location Is Featured In The Show

When Emily meets up with a famous (fictional) American actor at her hotel, Sex and the City fans will recognize the Hôtel Plaza Athénée as the same place Carrie stayed when she went to Paris.

17. The Writers Lived In Paris As Part Of Their Research

According to Glamour, Star had the whole writing team live in Paris so they could incorporate their own experiences into storylines for the show. Um, can I get a job writing for Season 2, s'il vous plaît?

Season 1 of Emily in Paris is streaming on Netflix now.