A happy couple celebrates together in front of their laptop with their arms' raised.

30 Sweet Captions For Your "Change The Date" Zoom Party Pics


Many happy couples have had to reschedule their "I do's" this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but that doesn't mean the celebration needs to stop. Instead, couples are hosting special Zoom parties — aka, "Change The Date" get-togethers — in honor of announcing a new wedding date. For your virtual hangout with friends and family, you'll want to have some Instagram captions for "Change The Date" Zoom party pics on hand for when you announce the big news.

While some couples are sticking with their set wedding date and having virtual ceremonies, others have already booked their future date for an in-person celebration. Rather than emailing friends and family to let them know the news, take it to Zoom to make your reveal extra special. Bride-to-be Jess Samson spoke with Elite Daily about her "Change The Date" party, and says her and her fiancé got the idea after several friends and family reached out to see if they were planning anything for their original wedding date. They decided a Zoom party was the way to go. With their guests all together in the virtual realm, they were able to play games, enjoy Mai Tais, and even cut a pre-wedding cake together.

When you decide to reveal your big news virtually, you'll want to be prepared. That's why having these 30 "Change The Date" captions on deck for your Zoom screenshots and happy couple selfies is the way to go.

Jess Samson/Instagram

1. "Love is patient, so it doesn't mind that we're changing our date."

2. "Save our (new) date."

3. "Let's try this again. #ChangeTheDate"

4. "TFW your wedding date goes 'lol jk.'"

5. "The date may change, but nothing else is."

6. "Talk about a plot twist."

7. "They must have been talking about dates when they said, 'First is the worst, second is the best.'"

8. "Our love story just got a few more chapters before the happily ever after."

9. "I heard change is a good thing."

10. "Take two!"

11. "The only thing that can't change is how I feel about you."

12. "I'm going to say, 'yes' no matter when you ask the question."

13. "Looking forward to the next chapter with you."

14. "We're zooming to a new date."

15. "Since 'absence makes the heart grow fonder,' my heart is going to be plenty fond when we reach the new date."

Jess Samson/Instagram

16. "Fiancé had a really nice to ring to it, so we're keeping it a little bit longer."

17. "Sometimes, change is a good thing."

18. "I never look back, darling." — The Incredibles

19. "There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind." — C.S. Lewis

20. "I always look ahead, because if I look back, I'll definitely trip and fall."

21. "We can't say 'I do' without all of you."

22. "A second date is always less awkward than the first anyway."

23. "We may change our date, but my fate is you and that's never changing."

24. "This is the only thing I'll ever change about our relationship."

25. "Don't worry, cake is still coming."

26. "This will make the cake that much sweeter when we finally get to eat it."

27. "Don't think of it as our wedding is postponed. Think of it as me getting an extension on my wedding planning project."

28. "The more time I have to plan, the more epic this wedding will be."

29. "Here's our new game plan."

30. "Oops!... we did it again. We picked a new wedding date."