A happy couple plays in the snow in the mountains.

30 Captions For Snowy Weekends In The Mountains & Peak Cozy Vibes

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There's no place you'd rather be playing in the winter than in a snowy wonderland. When there's some snow outside and a fireplace to cuddle up next to inside, you have everything you need for fun and lots of ops for snaps of new memories. These Instagram captions for a snowy weekend in the mountains are #necessary for documenting it all.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, quarantining with your immediate household and avoiding travel is the safest way to prevent yourself and others from contracting and/or spreading the coronavirus. But, if the place where you're quarantining happens to be in a snowy, mountainous area of the country, you can get the best Instagram content this weekend, and all the wintry weekends to come.

A picturesque view of the snowy landscape will bring on a ton of Insta-worthy moments, so be prepared. Along with a few extra cozy cardigans and comfy beanies, these quotes will perfectly capture your fun time in the snow. Get all the snowy selfies you can while posing on a sled, running through the evergreen trees, or making a snowman in your backyard. Don't forget to snap away when you're inside warming up by the fire with a warm mug of cocoa and marshmallows. These 30 snowy weekend quotes work perfectly for your wintery weekend.

Kick up your Instagram game this season with some creative pictures. That's what weekends are for, after all. Have these captions ready to go, and post your pics with Frosty before he melts away.

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1. "Snow makes winter a wonderland."

2. "There's snow way I'm leaving."

3. "Sometimes, the best views are right in your backyard."

4. "Chillin' with Frosty today."

5. "I'll take my hot cocoa frozen."

6. "Gonna build me an ice castle today."

7. "Today's forecast: cold and snowy."

8. "This is snow laughing matter."

9. "Snow place like home."

10. "Twinning with Frosty."

11. "It's a cold one out there today folks."

12. "It's beginning to look a lot like winter."

13. "My snow fort's bigger than yours."

14. "The abominable snowman was here."

15. "I'm having snow much fun. I don't ever want to leave."

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16. "Be right back. Left for hot cocoa."

17. "We like long walks in the snow."

18. "Snowy days, fireplace nights."

19. "Defrosting zone."

20. "You can't have a winter without a little snow."

21. "If you've ever wondered what my happy place looks like, this is it."

22. "Footprints in the snow."

23. "I think I'm ready for some hot cocoa."

24. "Another day, another cardigan."

25. "I love the snow. I just wish it wasn't so cold."

26. "Hot chocolate weather."

27. "I finally got to break out my puffy coat."

28. "Snowy mountains really peak my interest."

29. "Does shivering count as an exercise?"

30. "Snowflake kisses."