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30 Captions For Zoom Pics With Your Long-Distance BFF Who's Always Close At Heart

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Chatting with your long-distance bestie all hours of the day and night isn’t out of the norm. You even have the photos to prove it. In fact, you probably have enough photos in your camera roll to create a whole photo album dedicated to virtual hangouts with your BFF. Since it may take some time choosing the right snaps to post, you’ll want to have these captions for Zoom pictures with your long-distance best friend on hand to make the process so much easier.

These quotes for long-distance besties go perfectly with the Zoom screenshots you already have and can inspire you to take some new ones. Pair the photos of you and your BFF in matching pajamas with a witty Insta caption like, "Catching virtual Z's with the bestie." Or, snap a photo as you each make a heart with your arms. Pair your side-by-side pics with a quirky line such as, "Two peas in virtual pods." You can use a sweet caption like, "Miss you more with every mile," to go with a screenshot of your best friend and a Google Maps screen grab that shows the distance between the two of you.

The peanut butter to your jelly will be downright touched when they see your love on IG. Your followers may even deem you two #bestiegoals when they read your caption for Zoom pictures with your long-distance BFF. With these captions, you'll both be smiling from miles apart.

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1. "I love you to the Zoom and back."

2. "Always connected."

3. "Let the virtual shenanigans begin."

4. "Best Zoom. Best friend."

5. "Our hangouts are virtual, but our love is IRL."

6. "Not even distance can sever this connection."

7. "Two peas in virtual pods."

8. "The laptop stays charged just for you."

9. "And they were Zoom-mates..."

10. "Zooming through life with this one."

11. "My speed dial, my bestie."

12. "The Zoom call stays on my laptop screen."

13. "Blame this one for my screen time."

14. "BRB, Zooming with the bestie."

15. "Spillin' the tea... digitally."

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16 "Still staying up all night with this one."

17. "We're basically virtual roommates."

18. "Glad to have you by my virtual side."

19. "And the award for funniest Zoom meeting goes to..."

20. "Couldn't Zoom with anyone else like this."

21. "Long-distance = longer Zoom calls."

22. "Miss you more with every mile."

23. "Just a Zoom call away."

24. "Look at that call time... talk about #bestiegoals."

25. "There's no place like our Zoom meetings."

26. "Catching virtual Z's with bestie."

27. "No one I'd rather Zoom with more."

28. "Squeezing you through the laptop."

29. "Dear BFF, If you're reading this, I miss you."

30. "It's almost like you're laughing here beside me."