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28 Long-Distance Best Friend Quotes To Love On Your BFF, Just 'Cause

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Your best friend may have moved away or started school in a new city. So, right about now, you're feeling a lot like Leslie Knope after Ann Perkins leaves for Michigan in Parks & Recreation. You're navigating this new chapter, filled with FaceTime calls, care packages, and watching TV shows while texting your BFF the deets. Now, you want to post on social media with one of these long-distance best friend quotes and tell them for the millionth time how much you love them.

Truth be told, there's just no way distance will ever come between you two. Sure, it may make hanging out at your apartment a little more difficult, and meeting at the beach for sunset a little more complicated, too. But, it doesn't affect your friendship in any way. You still make new inside jokes over FaceTime and know the latest person your best friend is crushing on. From many miles away, you're still up-to-date on their closet so you can help them figure out an outfit for their socially-distanced dates or backyard hangouts.

On this day — for no reason other than you want to show your BFF some appreciation and love — you're going to post about them on IG, and give the world a glimpse into your long-distance friendship. Use one of these quotes that'll wrap up your feelings quite perfectly.

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1. "Proud of you for going after your goals."

2. "Whenever I miss you, I just text you a million times and it makes everything better."

3. "There's nothing on this planet that can get between me and you."

4. "Someday, we'll be in the same city again. That's something I know for sure."

5. "Thank you for being there for me, even when you're not actually 'there.'"

6. "This is the kind of friendship you watch in movies, or that songs are written about. It's special."

7. "TBH, I almost hopped in your moving boxes and came with you."

8. "Feel free to hop over to my time zone whenever you'd like."

9. "You know how much I love you, right?"

10. "I'm never too far away to make you laugh on a rainy day."

11. "Can you tell your dog that I miss them? Thanks."

12. "When life gives you a best friend, check in on them every day, send them their favorite snacks, and remind them that you love them."

13. "This is what my face looks like when I see your name pop up on my phone."

14. "I can't wait until I can squeeze you in person again."

15. "I think there's enough photos in my camera roll of us to last the entire time you're gone."

16. "Dear, best friend. You're perfect in every way."

17. "Every day we're getting closer to living in the same city and eating pizza on the kitchen floor."

18. "It's the care packages with Trader Joe's snacks for me."

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19. "What did I do to deserve a best friend like you?"

20. "Some friendships are meant to last forever. This is one of them."

21. "I know we just got off FaceTime, but the 'I love you' at the end didn't feel like enough. I love you!"

22. "I swear my cheeks hurt for days after virtually hanging out with you."

23. "We're changing, growing, laughing, and loving. But, we're doing it all together."

24. "Until further notice, please assume that I always want to know what's going on in your life."

25. "I love you like Leslie Knope loves Ann Perkins, and we all know that's a lot."

26. "Sometimes, it's not about being in the same place. It's about being on the same page."

27. "If we both order pizza tonight for dinner, it'll feel like we're together. Just an idea."

28. "Miss you and love you. I mean it."

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