A happy couple laughs while enjoying date night dinner outside.
10 Amalfi Coast-Inspired Backyard Ideas For A Special Date Night Dinner


If you're missing the excitement that comes with jet-setting to a bucket list destination, you're not alone. Your partner might be feeling the same way and longingly looking at discount plane tickets during their coffee breaks. TBH, you could both use a date night, courtesy of these Amalfi Coast-inspired backyard ideas. Despite the lack of seaside views, these ideas will turn your space into an Italian oasis and let you experience what you love most about places like Positano, Ravello, and Sorrento.

Before you mentally escape to the coastline, though, plan to get dressed up in a beachy, yet runway-worthy, look and spend some time curating a playlist of romantic songs. You may want to close your laptop and log off of work a little early on a Friday to ensure you can take your sweet time and treat yourself to a bubble bath, pedicure, and some aimless scrolling through your travel pics before date night begins. Looking through your "saved" photos on IG of the Amalfi Coast, or the selfies you took during a semester abroad, will put you in the right #mood.

You'll likely walk into your date night with the most relaxed mind and all the heart eyes for your SO. Now, let's focus on the details and what cute products you may need to buy for an Amalfi Coast-like date night in the backyard. All the inspo is below.

Get Dressed Up In A Stunning Maxi Dress

Let's talk about your wardrobe. You'll want to pick out a stunning maxi dress like this one and channel what you would wear if you were eating dinner on the Amalfi Coast. This maxi dress is covered in a teal zebra design that captures the tropical vibes and colorful tones of the stunning restaurants tucked into the mountains in Italy. It's a total must-have.

Put Your Lip Gloss In An Italian Leather Bag

You're probably going to pucker up a bit on date night, but not without your trusty lip gloss. Of course, you don't want to have to carry it in your hands the entire night, which is why this bag is also a must-have item. It's made from luxe Italian leather and will likely become a staple in your wardrobe. Have your SO toss essentials like makeup, chapstick, or their passport into it, so it feels like you're actually in Italy.

Listen To Italian Music On A Cool Speaker

Setting the mood is easy with a speaker like this one that looks quite similar to the lanterns you may have as your centerpiece in a restaurant on the Amalfi Coast. It can be placed next to the seafood risotto you prepare, a vase filled with wildflowers, and a couple of candles for a truly romantic scene. Curate a playlist of Italian music beforehand and skip to your favorites with the remote controller it comes with.

Serve Appetizers On A Rustic Cutting Board

If you sat down at a restaurant on the Amalfi Coast, the first thing you'd do is likely order a few appetizers. You'd order a cheese and meat board that's been filled with olives or slices of melon, too. Recreate those appetizers on this rustic cutting board while laughing with your love and recalling all your favorite trip mems.

Taste An Aperol Spritz In A Set Of Colorful Glasses

It's only right to drink out of glasses that sport the same color palette as the coastline. These glasses come in a set of six and can be used for future date nights with your SO and couple friends. For now, though, they'll be a true centerpiece of your dinner, chic items to tag in your Instagram photos, and a lovely spot for your Aperol Spritz to reside.

Prepare A Seafood Risotto In A Lovely Pan

When it comes to preparing your delicious risotto, you'll need a chic pan. It'll reflect the artful cooking the chefs create in Italy, and the heart they put into each meal. Not to mention, the flavors will be otherworldly for both you and your SO.

Light A Bunch Of Candles At Sunset

Right as the sun's about to set, make it a point to light a bunch of soy candles to set the mood. Place them around your patio, balcony, or deck, in spots where they're not only safe but also encourage you and your SO to "travel." Have conversations while enjoying the sweet aromas, and even share a dance next to one of these candles that's situated near your speaker.

Eat Dinner On A High-Rise With A Cute Tablecloth

Enjoying your dinner on a high-rise table will make you feel like you're far from home. But, if that high-rise table has an adorable tablecloth with lemons on it, then you'll easily be able to picture yourself on the Italian coastline, savoring a meal and listening to the chatter of tourists.

Enjoy Locally-Made Gelato Out Of Ceramic Bowls

No Italian-inspired dinner would be complete without a tasty dessert like tiramisu or gelato. Tracking down some fresh and fruity gelato is probably easier, though, so add that item to the pre-date night checklist along with buying two beautiful ceramic bowls.

Listen To The Waves While Relaxing Under The Stars

Escape to the Amalfi Coast right in your cozy backyard by listening to the waves via this sound machine. Kick back on a blanket under the stars with your SO and close your eyes. If you let your mind rest enough, you can imagine you two on an expansive beach with lounge chairs and umbrellas spread out. You'll come back to reality feeling like you just went on a luxe, Italian vacay.