30 Captions For Haunted Hayride Pics That Are Ex-Straw Scary


Fall is all about the leaves changing colors, sippin' Pumpkin Spice Lattes, taking cute pics at pumpkin patches, and rocking your coziest of sweaters. But when October rolls around, I also get into scary mode. One of my favorite things to do in LA is go to the Haunted Hayride in Griffith Park. It combines everything a fall lover could dream of, including hayrides, haunted mazes, scary characters, and trick-or-treating. Last year was my first year attending, and I needed to come up with captions for haunted hayrides for all the spooky pictures I took.

A typical hayride around the farm is already a fall staple. But if you're up for some scares around basically every turn, consider opting for a haunted hayride this year. You never know when a creepy monster might run up to your tractor and try to climb aboard. It sounds creepy AF, but it's also funny watching your friends get spooked and then immediately laughing at their reactions. So if you like the frights, you might want to check out a haunted hayride in your town.

For anyone based in LA who's looking for fun, I highly recommend the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride. This year, there's an escape room and mazes to get lost in, but the real deal is the hayride. Along with your bravest friends, you'll want to remember these 30 captions so you can post your pics instantly.

Rachel Chapman

1. "Hay, look over there!"

2. "I guess I can't bale now."

3. "This is the last straw. If one more scary monster comes out, I'm saying, 'Hay!'"

4. "Whoever said hayrides are fun clearly never went on this one."

5. "Oh my gourd, did you hear that?"

6. "I know this is a haunted hayride, but the scariest thing is thinking about all the hay I have to get off my pants later."

7. "Get in loser, we're going on a hayride."

8. "Just as long as we stick together."

9. "Something wicked this way comes." — William Shakespeare

10. "If you are reading this then you are blissfully unaware of what is creeping up behind you."

11. "Be afraid, be very afraid." — The Fly

12. "This hayride is ex-straw scary."

13. "I would hay-t for you to miss out on all this fall fun."

14. "All the spooks."

15. "Haunted hayride season."


16. "Hay! Watch where you're going."

17. "Just saying 'hay' to all the monsters out there."

18. "Just taking a casual hayride. What could possibly go wrong?"

19. "Ride at your own risk."

20. "Just creeping it real."

21. "Embracing the spirit of the season with a hayride."

22. "Hanging with my hayride or dies."

23. "Happy haunting."

24. "Haunted hayride with my favorite witches."

25. "Felt cute, might get spooked later."

26. "Do I look like I've just seen a ghost?"

27. "Hay now, hay now, this is what nightmares are made of."

28. "Being a basic witch on a haunted hayride."

29. "Witch way are we going?"

30. "Hanging with the boo crew."