A woman in round, red sunglasses poses on the beach in Florida during Christmas.

30 Captions For Christmas In Florida & Chilling With The Palm Trees

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Contrary to popular belief, you aren't dreaming of a snow-filled holiday season. You'd much rather wake up in a tropical place on Christmas morning and open presents amongst the palm trees. That's why you went ahead and planned a #vacay this year for in and around Dec. 25 (or you're simply heading to the warm place you call home sweet home). You're going to escape the cold and use all the captions for Christmas in Florida you can find.

Of course, there are many items on your itinerary other than taking pics for Instagram and tapping the "share" button repeatedly. One afternoon, you may want to explore Venice Beach or go shopping in Sarasota. On a particularly sunny day, you're planning on going to the beach and reading a book while laying on your colorful towel. In addition, you might check in with family members who live in the area, or adventure to Orlando and celebrate the holidays with Mickey and Minnie Mouse in Disney World.

As long as you're not waking up to ice-covered sidewalks and snowflake emojis, you'll be content. You do need to do one thing before you go, though: collect captions for Instagram and spending Christmas in Florida. Here are 30 captions that'll shine brighter than the tinsel and the sun.

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1. "Season's greetings from Florida."

2. "Dear, Santa. Can you send my presents here?"

3. "Baby, it's so warm and festive outside."

4. "Having a merry little time in The Sunshine State."

5. "Things I'm grateful for this Christmas: ocean waves and plane tickets."

6. "The sun kissed me even though there wasn't any mistletoe around."

7. "We have to go back home tomorrow? Ugh, talk to the palm."

8. "The more sunshine the merrier."

9. "Happy as Santa's elves after a long day of wrapping presents."

10. "Glowing with the flow this holiday season."

11. "If you love me, you'd cancel our plane tickets home so we can stay in the warm weather."

12. "Walking in a not-so-winter wonderland."

13. "Going to Florida for Christmas from now on."

14. "Sunshine over my head, presents under the tree."

15. "Welcome to my home for the holidays."

16. "Ordering iced drinks in the winter, because I'm in Florida."

17. "Palm trees are the only Christmas present I need."

18. "Spending the holidays in paradise, aka Florida."

19. "Traded my resting Grinch face for a resting beach face."

20. "Let's go as far from the North Pole as possible."


21. "Excuse me, I have to go eat candy canes and lay on the beach."

22. "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Florida."

23. "Chilling with the palm trees, how about you?"

24. "Winter waves and Florida nights."

25. "Christmas in Florida is a walk on the beach."

26. "The ocean is my version of winter blues."

27. "Who said summer was over?"

28. "Some people are worth melting for." — Olaf, Frozen

29. "I enjoy long, romantic walks through Disney World."

30. "Just a general life update: living my best life in Florida."

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