30 Activities To Do With Your Partner's Mom To Bond With Her

Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

You're sitting in silence across the table from your partner's mom. While you both wanted to get to know each other better, going out for dinner, just the two of you, may have been jumping the gun a bit. While sharing a meal can be a great way to bond, sometimes having a literal thing to do (other than eating salads and looking at each other in silence) can make everyone feel more relaxed. And no matter who you are, knowing some fun activities to do with your partner's mom can help you both loosen up and get excited about each other as you start to bond more.

Whether you feel more comfortable in your gym clothes than a fancy outfit or you love to share your hobbies with people, doing an activity with your boo's mom can teach you both about each other. What's that saying, when you date someone you date their family? Of course, every relationship looks different, and you get to decide what level of family-involvement is right for you and your SO.

Still, if getting closer to your boo's mom is important to you, here are 30 bonding activities to really get the conversation rolling.

  1. Peek around a local bookstore and talk about what you've been reading.
  2. Find a flower shop and pick out a bouquet for her table.
  3. Ask her to see pictures of your partner as a child, or their childhood art.
  4. Ask her about her childhood and ask to see old photos or her high school yearbook.
  5. Make care packages for a women's or children's shelter together, put together bags of toiletries and handwritten notes.
  6. Go on a hike.
  7. Walk the family dog together or take a walk around the neighborhood.
  8. Hit up a local craft fair or outdoor market.
  9. See a play.
  10. Have her look over your resume, and ask her about her career.
  11. Fix something up around the house together.
  12. Visit a museum that you're both interested in.
  13. Go to the movies.
  14. Take her to get her nails done.
  15. Ask your partner if there's a food or drink she's really into, and take her our, your treat.
  16. Have her help you pick out a present for your mom.
  17. Talk about your favorite seasonal foods, go shopping for ingredients together, then make them together.
  18. Knit, craft, or DIY something together.
  19. Ask her to teach you about something that she's really into, like jewelry-making, economics, or the Sunday crossword puzzle.
  20. Bake anything together.
  21. Go to a wine tasting, a brewery, or a coffee cupping class.
  22. Take a yoga or Zumba class together.
  23. Garden together, or rake leaves and help clean up her lawn.
  24. Give her a mini tech lesson by helping her figure anything on her phone or computer.
  25. Ask her to help you pack or prepare for a trip that you and your partner are about to go on.
  26. Sit down and share pictures from a recent trip or date you and your partner went on. (If your partner isn't great at texting their mom or sending her photos, she may really appreciate getting to see them!)
  27. Take a painting or pottery class together.
  28. Talk to her about her family and ask her about her grandparents.
  29. Ask to see her wedding pictures and see if she still has her wedding dress.
  30. Go out for donuts or ice cream; do something happy and wholesome in the middle of the day.