These 3 Zodiac Signs Love Planning A Future With Their SO

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When it comes to locking down a partner for the long-haul (Or, at least for the foreseeable future), finding a compatible match who's excited about the idea of merging their life with yours is the dream. Generally speaking, most people are capable of committing to the right partner, but some zodiac signs who want to plan a future are quicker to take action than others. If you're ready to find an SO who's not afraid to turn their "I" into a "We", these signs may be just what you're looking for.


There are few things an Aries loves more than the rush of starting a new relationship. The thrill of imagining all the exciting things you'll see and do together is what rams live for. Their passionate and soulful hearts make planning for the future feel limitless. The main caveat of being with an Aries in the long-term is that it's easy for them to feel caged-in and trapped if they don't have enough space roam. Getting to a place where you feel confident enough in the relationship without becoming too clingy is the key to getting an Aries to plan and commit to a future. However, because this sign is so impulsive, it's not uncommon for them to fall head-over-heels in love and commit, only to find out a few months later that the compatibility isn't strong enough to support a long-term relationship.


Libras are so in love with the concept of being in love, that they can start planning a future with someone as soon as the topic comes up in conversation. And once this up-beat and positive sign finds someone who pulls on their heart-strings, everything else in their life will take a backseat. However, Libras can also come off as wishy-washy and disingenuous because they often want to have their cake and eat it too. Instead of putting your faith in a Libra's words, their actions are much more telling. Once they start taking concrete steps towards creating the type of future you've talked about, that's how you'll know they're all in.



Anyone who's ever dated a Cancer knows that they're all about family and commitment. However, because of their extreme sensitivity, it's common for crabs to mask their true desire for a future with someone until they're sure their heart is safe. Rest-assured that Cancers know extremely early whether or not they can see someone in their life in the long-term. So, if you can make them feel secure enough to come out of their shell, then you'll have an unwaveringly loyal, loving, and nurturing partner. That said, the process of coaxing a Cancer out of their shell isn't easy as they require their partners to show a high level of emotional investment in the relationship early-on. If they don't get this validation, the ensuing doubts and insecurities can make them retreat.

Ultimately, the romantic partner who's excited about planning a future with you can be any zodiac sign. As long as you're in a happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationship, planning for the future is never a bad idea.

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