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3 Zodiac Signs Who'll Make Sure You Have The Best V-Day Ever


Though some couples see Feb. 14 as just another day, others may take it as a time to really pull out all the stops. Whether you plan a nostalgic scavenger hunt of all your favorite places or whisk your partner away for the night of their lives, Cupid's birthday can provide the perfect opportunity to take date night to the next level. And while anyone can coordinate a romantic night to remember, the three zodiac signs who plan the best Valentine's Day dates may just take the heart-shaped cake.

From treating your partner to a delicious meal to scoring tickets to something they've been dying to see, there are tons of ways to celebrate V-Day. Of course, while some partners may love to splurge for the holiday, planning a perfect date doesn't have to break the bank. Maybe you cook your partner a delicious homemade meal or write them a beautiful love letter filled with happy memories. Just as there's no one way to fall in love, there's no one way to celebrate Valentine's Day and the bliss of romance.

Still, if you're looking to plan the best date ever, you may want to take notes from these three signs.

Aries (March 21–April 19)

Fire sign Aries likes to take charge. Bold and cheerful, they'll be overflowing with ideas for the perfect V-Day date and will love nothing more than showing their boo a fun night on the town. Aries likes to live on the edge. Not one for tradition, they'll come up with all sorts of creative and exciting plans for Feb. 14. When it comes to love, "low-key" isn't in the Aries dictionary. Likely to go completely over the top with their planning, the ram will have so many ideas and suggestions of what to do for Valentine's Day, they may be struggling to fit it all in one night.

Virgo (Aug. 23–Sept. 22)

If you ever needed someone to listen to you speak and anticipate your needs, your Virgo crush is ready and waiting. Observational and organized, Virgos don't only know exactly what kind of Valentine's Day date their partner wants, they know how to make it happen. Not one for surprises, Virgo will start planning their Feb. 14 months in advance, ensuring that everything goes according to plan. All about the details, Virgo will love to coordinate the most intricate and thoughtful V-Day celebrations for their boo, down to picking the right color tissue paper for their present and ensuring enough time to get to the restaurant in traffic.

Leo (July 23–Aug. 22)

There are few things Leo loves more than the chance to look really good. Though they'll love to be wined and dined on V-Day, they won't be able to resist planning the perfect date for their partner and looking like a total stud. From treating their boo to flowers and candy to scoring reservations at a super popular restaurant, the lion will go to great lengths this Feb. 14, to make a night their partner will never forget. A natural leader, Leo feels no stress about taking the reins and will love to treat their date to a night of luxury and surprise.