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3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Text Their Ex On Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a time to wear lots of brown, eat heaps of food, and think about all the things you want to buy on Black Friday as you lie on the couch, pretending to watch "the big game." Though some may spend this (and every other) holiday wishing that their ex would move to Paraguay, for Gemini, Cancer, and Sagittarius — the three zodiac signs most likely to text their ex on Thanksgiving — Turkey Day may be the perfect time to reconnect with old flames.

No matter your sign, reaching out to an old boo can be a great way to clear the air and get some closure. Whether you're not sure how they're feeling or you're uneasy about how things ended, letting your ex know that you wish them well can help everyone feel better about the breakup. Of course, if you have little interest in talking to your ex ever again, you never need to feel pressured. Breakups look different for everyone, and you get to establish your own boundaries.

Whether they slide into your inbox with a GIF about pie or send a sentimental note, these are the three zodiac signs that are the most likely to text their ex on Turkey Day.

Gemini (May 21–June 20)

The sign of communication and adaptability, air sign Gemini would probably reach out to their ex on most days. Still, during the holidays, the twins are extra likely to hit up their ex to check-in or say hello. Whether a float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade reminds them of an old inside joke or their favorite uncle asks about how their ex is doing, this air sign feels pretty easy-breezy about reaching out to old flames. From sending a funny turkey meme to asking about their ex's family, Gemini is likely to text an ex on Thanksgiving without thinking about it too much.

Cancer (June 21–July 22)

Water sign Cancer lives to express their feelings. Though they're intuitive and empathetic all the time, Thanksgiving may be cause for extra emotions. For this crab, Turkey Day is entirely about being reflective and grateful. And no matter how their last relationship ended, Cancer will likely want their ex to know that they are being thought of. Maybe they tell their ex how thankful they are to have dated them or talk about how much the relationship impacted their life. Whatever the case, this crab will likely to see Thanksgiving as a day to make amends, clear the air, and talk about their feelings with their ex.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22–Dec. 21)

Adventurous Sagittarius leaps before they look. Not one to overanalyze or hold grudges, this archer is likely to hit up their ex on Thanksgiving just to ask about a pumpkin pie recipe or joke about who won the big game. Free-spirited and independent, fire sign Sag typically gets over breakups quickly, and often wants to transition into friendship with their exes soon after their romantic relationship ends. Friendly and charismatic, Sag wants to be in their ex's life even after calling it quits and is likely to see holidays like Thanksgiving as an easy way to start up your conversation again.

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