If You're One Of These 3 Signs, You'll Fall Hard For Jacob Elordi

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If you're starry-eyed for Euphoria's Nate, or Noah from The Kissing Booth, you're probably curious about the astrological tea on Jacob Elordi. This heartthrob was born on June 26, 1997. Just like your other soft-hearted, smart-mouthed faves Ariana Grande, Khloé Kardashian, and Post Malone, Elordi is a Cancer. The zodiac signs compatible with Jacob Elordi are those who can give this crab-born hottie all the tenderness, laughs, and cuddles his heart desires.

A key thing to know about Cancer is that they're a water sign. They lean heavily on their emotions, intuitions, and daydreams. The following three signs are the ones who can return Elordi's loving energy effortlessly, making them the perfect matches for this crab.

Taurus (April 21 — May 21)

Cancer's all about feeling out the romantic vibes before making any big moves, so it might take them some time to transition from friendship, to dating, to making your relationship official. Luckily, if there's any sign that's all for taking things slow, it's Taurus — a steady, grounded, earth sign. Plus, Cancer and Taurus both love chilling at home. Expect plenty of cozy movie nights in, with hours of talking (and probably kissing) afterward.

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Scorpio (Oct. 23 — Nov. 22)

Like Cancer, Scorpio is also a water sign. But they are slightly more reserved. Scorpio would probably be shy when flirting with a Cancer like Elordi, and wouldn't know how to make sense of their feelings. Luckily, both signs are super emotionally intelligent, so eventually, they'll figure it out. Scorpio can struggle with jealousy issues, but that's only because they value loyalty above everything else. As a Cancer, Elordi would probably be super patient with his Scorpio partner, and give them every reason to trust him.

Pisces (March 12 — April 18)

Equally soft-hearted is Pisces — Cancer's perfect fit. Pisces is also a water sign, but unlike reserved Scorpio, they have a vibrant, generous personality that Cancer could really get down with. A Pisces-Cancer match would be one where both partners would constantly be demonstrating their love for each other with sweet gestures. Cancer is the type of partner who would take notes on Pisces' comfort food and have it delivered to their house. Pisces would be thrilled at the chance to snuggle with Cancer and watch their favorite childhood TV shows. And in typical water-sign fashion, both signs would get up early to watch the sunrise at the beach under a cozy blanket.

When it comes to zodiac signs that are a suitable match for Elordi, those who can deliver extra thoughtfulness, kindness, and respect are best equipped for the euphoria of dating this Cancer hottie.