If You’re One Of These Zodiac Signs, Dylan Sprouse Is The One For You

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Born on Aug. 4 1992, it's not much of a surprise that Dylan Sprouse is a charismatic and spotlight-loving Leo. Lions are known for being the life of the party, so the zodiac signs most compatible with Dylan Sprouse need to be able to keep up with his effervescent and social energy. According to Boston-based expert astrologer Michaela Carey, Leos like Sprouse are definitely hopeless romantics. "Leo loves anything connected to beauty and romance," Carey previously told Elite Daily. "They light up a room and will always find the spotlight. Fiery Leo will seek a partner who is willing to let them lead, but also able to understand all that comes with being this energetic, spirited being."

Carey also explained that due to their passionate streaks, Leos are highly compatible with fellow fire signs Aries and Sagittarius, in addition to the complex air sign, Gemini. "Those signs are the ones that can match Leo’s energy and passion," said Carey. Even though Sprouse isn't currently single (he's been dating Hungarian supermodel Barbra Palvin since June 2018), here's why Aries, Sagittarius, and Gemini would also make great matches for him.


Driven and confident Leos often find themselves attracted to other strong signs like the lovable and enthusiastic ram, Aries. "Leo is drawn to Aries’ sense of purpose, and there will be heat in the bedroom for sure," said Carey. "These two signs are drawn to each other physically and mentally. Aries has got the fire, the oomph, and commitment to the relationship. The pairing of two fire signs creates a passionate and fiery relationship that Leo craves." However, as with any partnership involving two fire signs, both partners must establish a healthy approach to managing conflict early on, as the same sparks that lead to intense passion can also result in heated conflict.


When it comes to dating a quintessential Leo, it's important to give them the space they need to feel capable and independent. Although Leo loves being treated like the king of the jungle, they don't respond well to clinginess, and that's where the uncomplicated ease of Sagittarius comes in. "No one in the zodiac can appreciate Leo’s independence quite like Sag," explained Carey. "When paired together, the two create a supportive, loving relationship based on mutual respect." Sagittarius' ability to let Leo roam free is exactly what they need before they're able to fully commit and let themselves fall in love.

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There are few couplings in the zodiac that get each other like Gemini and Leo. "Leo’s love for play and excitement (in and out of the bedroom) finds an excellent match in Gemini," said Carey. "Both signs’ emphasis on fun and pleasure will draw them together. Gemini has respect for Leo’s independence, which allows Leo to feel cared for, but not stifled. This connection is successful on both an intellectual and physical level." As long as both partners are committed enough to share the burden of the not-so-fun aspects of being in a relationship, a Leo and Gemini pairing could result in a life-long union.

Ultimately, Sprouse's big Leo energy is a magnetic force that can attract a diverse group of potential partners. However, in the long-run, a Leo like Sprouse needs a SO who can give them the attention they need, without making them feel smothered.

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