These Are The Zodiac Signs Most Compatible With Camila Mendes

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At this point, it's hardly a secret that Riverdale actress Camila Mendes has been dating photographer and model Grayson Vaughan for the past several months. Although it's not clear exactly when these two officially started dating, they were reportedly first spotted together in Italy during Milan Fashion Week this past February. Vaughan and the actress became Instagram official on Sep. 4, after Mendes posted a sweet IG post of the duo hugging captioned, "That long-distance kind of love." It turns out, Vaughan just so happens to be a Scorpio, one of the zodiac signs most compatible with Camila Mendes. According to the stars, in addition to Scorpio, Taurus and Pisces also make compatible matches for sweet and soulful crabs. Here's how Cancer fits with each of these three signs.


Being a water sign comes with an emotional fluidity and intensity that can be tough for other signs to fully understand. Therefore, it's no surprise that fellow water signs Scorpio and Cancer feel an immediate closeness with one another that has serious potential for long-term growth. Scorpio often struggles to open up and trust others, but intuitive and devoted Cancer makes vulnerability seem like the easiest thing in the world. The spiritual connection these two share also makes for some explosive action between the sheets. Cancer will be magnetically drawn to Scorpio's intensity and raw sensuality.


At first glance, the frolicking bull and comfort-seeking crab may not seem like the most obvious match, but this is a partnership that leads to a lot of fun, as well as a meaningful emotional connection rooted in genuine friendship. The determined bull brings perfectly complementary energy to Cancer's sensitivity. The outgoing and fun-loving Taurus knows exactly what to say to cheer up crabs and jolt them out of their characteristic mood swings. Unwaveringly loyal Cancer will make security-craving Taurus feel safe and secure. And as an extremely affectionate sign, Taurus will actually appreciate Cancer's persistent craving for physical contact.

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Cancer and Pisces is another water-laden pairing that can result in a truly magical partnership. Like two peas in a pod, the fish and crab will create a dreamy safe-space for their epic romance to play out. Spiritual and artsy Pisces will both excite Cancer, and bring to the surface some of their own repressed creative impulses. Emotionally fragile Pisces will feel so deeply fulfilled by Cancer's unconditional love that the notoriously slippery and elusive fish may be quick to commit to their doting crab. Needless to say, security-loving Cancer will be thrilled that they've finally found a partner who is willing to give their whole heart to the relationship. However, Pisces is also known for being moody, so it's important that this pairing establishes healthy coping strategies for negative energy early on.

Ultimately, Cancer is a versatile sign that tends to do well with emotionally intelligent partners who make them feel safe and valued. Although it may take a while for crabs to come out of their shell, once they do, anyone who's lucky enough to enter their orbit will be showered with their love and affection.