3 Signs Quarantine Made Your Relationship With Your Partner Stronger

Shanelle Infante, Elite Daily

Quarantine life isn't for every couple. Spending unlimited time with someone makes it easy to get over them real quick. However, some couples may be thriving in this unique environment. If you've noticed some of the following signs that quarantine strengthened your relationship, you and your partner definitely deserve a pat on the back (and an all-expense-paid beach vacay...but doesn't everyone?!). According to Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, licensed clinical psychotherapist, relationship expert, and author of Training Your Love Intuition, intense events can definitely impact relationships.

"High-pressure events in life can test relationships, and make or break them," Dr. Wish tells Elite Daily. Licensed psychologist Dr. Wyatt Fisher, agrees that situations like the coronavirus pandemic can definitely reveal how well- or ill-suited two people are together. "Pressure and stress will quickly highlight any cracks in your relationship," Dr. Fisher tells Elite Daily. "Ultimately, the pressure will bring the imperfections in your relationship to the surface." Fortunately, couples that have what it takes to go the distance are able to work through adversity and emerge stronger. "On the upside, couples who pass relationship tests report that they 'worked well as a team,' or 'helped each other bring out their best." Here are some signs that quarantine has helped your relationship with your partner grow stronger.

You Look Forward To Doing More Things Together.

Dr. Wish explains that couples who have grown closer during this tough period may look at their relationship with fresh eyes and feel eager to spend more quality time together. This new outlook is one of the amazing rewards that come with sticking with the relationship and putting in the extra effort, even when the going gets tough.

Managing Relationship Stress Brought You Closer Together.

Even though stress may seem like a buzz-kill, the process of tackling it and managing it with someone you love by your side can also help deepen your emotional bond, and positively impact your attitude day-to-day. "Research shows that the people who manage stressful life events well are optimists who can take necessary and wise action quickly, and who have a network of supportive people, [like a solid partner], in their life."

You Were Able To Identify And Work Through Your Problems.

If quarantining with your partner got off to a rocky start, but you were able to implement productive conflict management, then chances are, your relationship is more solid than it was before quarantine. "First, the quarantine highlighted problem areas in your relationship you were able to identify," explains Dr. Fisher. "Then, you increased your attention on your relationship problem areas and resolved most of them." If you've recently felt more like a unit, this may be because you and your SO overcame your differences, or made a plan for how to address them on an ongoing basis. "You may be experiencing closer emotional and physical intimacy because you've worked through your relationship problems," adds Dr. Fisher.

Fortunately, if you and your partner have made it this far, that is a great sign that you make a solid team. Dr. Wish also notes that improvement and growth don't have to stop there. "If you have noticed major, more positive changes in feelings, thoughts, and behavior about yourself and your partner after dealing with challenging events together, you might become even stronger and happier if you can reflect on how you acted and felt about your relationship and partner before [quarantine]," she explains. The reflection process can bring valuable insight that could help you and your SO become even more solid.

"Ask yourself: What got in the way of my being happy?" says Dr. Wish. "What did I learn about my emotional needs? Why did I not see these qualities in my partner? What were my relationship fears and where did they come from? How can I sustain our new and positive feelings?" Just remember: Even if this new wave of optimism and invigoration in your relationship fades, the lessons you learned about how to best work together can always be revisited. No relationship is perfect, and ups and downs are to be expected. However, if you can learn to embrace them, zero-in on the growth opportunity, and seize it, you will be bringing your best self to every relationship.


Dr. Wyatt Fisher, Licensed Psychologist

Dr. LeslieBeth Wish, Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist & Relationship Expert