3 Zodiac Signs To Date If A Sense Of Humor Is Important To You

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There's something seriously sexy about someone with a good sense of humor. Whether they can crack a joke at a moment's notice or always know the perfect, witty thing to say, it can be to deny the romantic pull of good comedic timing. No matter who you are, if a sense of humor is important to you in a potential partner, knowing the three funniest zodiac signs to date may help you laugh your way to love.

Though astrology can't determine everything, it can be interesting to consider how one's zodiac sign inspires their sense of humor. While some signs like to make quick jokes, others enjoy physical comedy or crafting long, drawn-out bits. No matter what you're into, really nailing down how to make someone laugh can be the best feeling ever. Reading a room, building off of another person's energy, and really coming through with a timely and accessible joke isn't easy, and being able to break the tension at any given time is a special gift.

If you're in the market for a comedic crush or tend to only like people that can make you roll on the floor laughing, here are the three zodiac signs that make the funniest partners.

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Libra (Sept. 23–Oct. 22)

Lovely Libra is the entertainer of the zodiac. Personable and gregarious, they love to fill a room with their stories and laughs. One for physical comedy and being fearless with words, Libras are serious about their sense of humor and won't mind going out of their way to make their friends smile. Balanced and intuitive, Libras are great at reading people and love to discover the specific ways to make people laugh. This air sign is observant and will be able to build off the energy in a given space, making everyone around literally laugh out loud. Not easily embarrassed, Libra will get silly, goofy, wacky, and completely outrageous if it means making their partner crack a smile.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22–Dec. 21)

The traveler of the zodiac, it's no wonder fire sign Sagittarius has collected so many wild stories. Even when recounting a tale about riding the bus to work or walking down the street to get a coffee, Sag will put a hilarious and energetic spin on anything they say. Optimistic and fearless, Sag likes to see the good in people and works hard to find a silver lining in everything they do. Focusing on the positive, and more importantly, the funny, your Sag crush will have you seeing things from a different perspective and laughing your way through sad or stressful times.

Gemini (May 21–June 20)

The sign of communication, air sign Gemini can talk to anyone they meet. Playful and fun, the twins are all about hi-jinks, mischief, and not taking anything too seriously. One to flirt with comedy and enjoy witty banter, Gemini is known for their sense of humor and ability to make people laugh. If you've ever in awkward silence or meeting new people, leave it to the twins to start up a conversation by coming out with some hilarious jokes. Known for their playfully tease the people they love, Gemini is great at making people laugh at themselves, and can easily do the same.