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These 4 Funny Zodiac Signs Will Always Make You Laugh

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You wanna know what my favorite cure for all human ailments is? Laughter, of course. Is there anything that a belly full of laughs can't alleviate? Even if everything has gone wrong and there's no hope in sight, making a joke just makes everything feel easier to deal with. If you want to know who you should spend time around when you're having a bad day, look no further than the zodiac signs who have the best sense of humor: Gemini, Leo, Virgo, and Sagittarius. Whether these signs fall under someone's sun, ascendant, or Mercury, you know you're gonna have a good time around them.

I mean, there's literally scientific evidence that laughter can turn someone's mood around. According to Forbes, laughter activates serotonin, which, as you probably already know, is a hormone that induces good vibes all around. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but hanging out with any of the following zodiac signs is literally what the doctor ordered. OK, OK, so I may be tooting my own horn because I'm a Gemini, however, I do think that my sense of humor is one of my best qualities. I may not be doing standup comedy, but I guarantee that there are plenty of standup comics who were born under these zodiac signs:

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Gemini: They're Effortlessly Making All The Best Jokes

Is there anyone more entertaining to be around than a Gemini? Even the most uptight and conservative people can't help but laugh around them. They're the type of people who are so funny that they don't even have to try to be funny, they just are. Sometimes they're legitimately confused as to why everyone is always laughing whenever they do the simplest things. To a Gemini, their way of looking at life just feels normal, but to everyone else, that thing they just said is the funniest thing they've heard all day.

Leo: They Know How To Get Everyone In The Room To Laugh

You know why Leos can't help but attract attention wherever they go? It's because they're so fascinating to watch and they have no problem with being on stage. As you can imagine, the stage is the best place for someone with a great sense of humor to be situated. A Leo can get the whole room laughing until their stomachs are aching in the best way, so why not put them on stage? While many of us are too embarrassed to do something ridiculous, a Leo has no problem with it, and that's why they're so funny.

Virgo: They Come Up With The Most Clever And Witty Stuff

You know that person who always cracks the sharpest and most intelligent joke that it always makes you envy their way with words? There's a strong chance that person is a Virgo. While they may not have the most obvious sense of humor that automatically attracts attention, they're the type of people to deliver the right remark at just the right moment that has everyone falling over their chairs with laughter. The best part? Virgos don't even care if you think they're funny. To them, their own sense of humor gets them through the day.

Sagittarius: They're A One-Person Show Of Comic Relief

You know that awkward moment where everyone is thinking something but no one is brave enough to just come right out and say it? Well, if there's a Sagittarius in the room, someone will. A Sagittarius never stops to wonder if their joke is taking things too far or if they should save their humor for later. They've honestly got no filter when they speak, and if something funny crosses their mind, you can bet the whole room will know about it. Their raw, blunt, and brutally honest sense of humor is unmatched by anyone.

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