28 Sunset Captions With Friends, Because Paradise Is Anywhere With Pink Skies

Throughout the day, there's basically one thing on your mind: sunshine. You think about it while you're sitting at your desk in your office, or listening to lectures at school. You daydream about how beautiful it would be to lay out a towel on the beach, and soak up the beams coming from up above. Then, immediately after snapping back to reality, you send a text in your group chat that says, "Does anyone want to catch a sunset later?" After 5 p.m., your time is entirely your own, and you want to spend it with the sun, even if it's going below the horizon line. You and your besties need some sunset captions with friends just for this occasion, right? Look no further, because I have some right here.

Honestly, no matter how many times you send that same 'ole text message to your friends, they always suggest going to the beach and reply, "Shell yeah." They start calling dibs on who's going to bring the bags of chips, sunscreen, and bluetooth speaker. Someone normally suggests grabbing burgers or a large pizza on the way, and everybody puts in their two cents on what the toppings should be. (Buffalo chicken, please!)

Then, a little after 5 p.m., you get together and drive down to the shore. You make it there just in time for the sky to look perfectly saturated in hues of purple, pink, and coral. Together, you watch the sun go down and the moon go up, and take a few pictures having the time of your lives. Thank goodness that one of your friends has a super good camera, huh? Although, that does mean that you need to come up with some Instagram captions.

Don't you worry about a thing — I have 28 captions right here, and they're all for you to use when you're soaking in the pink skies and paradise vibes with your friends.

Audrey Shtecinjo/Stocksy

1. "Girls just wanna have sunsets."

2. "Stay colorful, babe."

3. "Keepin' close to people who feel like sunsets."

4. "The sky is dressed like a daydream."

5. "Always look at the bright, colorful side."

6. "I believe in the magic of watching sunsets with your best friends."

7. "BRB: Doing something magical with my best friends."

8. "Crushin' on colorful skies."

9. "Dear, sunsets. We think about you all the time."

10. "See you again soon, sunset."

11. "We get really excited when the sky turns pretty colors."

12. "Paradise is anywhere the sky looks pretty."

Aaron Thomas/Stocksy

13. "Be a seeker of everyday magic."

14. "Sunset lovers since birth."

15. "I love you to the sunset and back."

16. "Watch more sunsets than Netflix."

17. "Saying goodbye to the sun, and hello to the moon."

18. "Dreaming in pink and all the colors of the sunset."

19. "Where there's a sunset, there are some of the best friends."

20. "Can somebody pinch me? I think I'm dreaming."

21. "This sunset stole a pizza our hearts."

22. "Take me to the sea."

23. "Sunsets are better when we're together."

24. "Some moments are made of gold and sunsets."

Curtis Kim/Stocksy

25. "This is my happy place."

26. "Pink skies up ahead."

27. "Sunsets and my soulmates."

28. "Let's spend all of our sunsets together."

Even if you don't necessarily have time to go to the beach, you and your besties still find a way to watch a sunset. You might head to the roof of your apartment in the city, or hike a nearby trail. You may dance in the moonlight from the top of a mountain, or look at in awe out the window of your office building.

Truth is, nothing is going to stand in the way of you and your friends and this natural wonder. You plan on putting as many sunsets on social media as possible, too.