Two friends laugh and play on a phone while at a colorful temple on the Lunar New Year.

28 Captions For The Lunar New Year That'll Make Your Feed Look So Festive

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There's always a reason to celebrate. From major holidays and birthdays, to the mornings when you master a messy bun or brew the perfect mug of coffee, life gives you many opportunities to throw confetti in the air. When the Lunar New Year comes around, you may have a sweet reason to whip up specialty treats in your kitchen or take part in a beloved tradition. For those particular festivities, you'll need some Lunar New Year captions that'll make your feed look equally as festive.

Truth is, the brightly colored pictures from parades and firework shows will likely do most of the work. They'll stand out amongst the fire selfies you took recently, and might even make your followers stop scrolling for a hot sec. The red decorations, loud music from the city streets, and loads of dumplings will make them want to leave a comment like, "This is incredible!" or "Happy Lunar New Year!"

From the other side of the screen, you'll be dancing with other people in costume and teaching your besties what the Lunar New Year is all about. (Just in case you don't know, the Lunar New Year — also known as the Chinese New Year — is based on the lunar calendar. It marks the first new moon of the calendar, according to, and festivities run through the first full moon of the calendar — which is 15 days later.) You may educate them on the Chinese zodiac cycle, and you might ask them to pose for more pictures so you can post on your festive feed. Here are 28 captions for your Lunar New Year pics, and the festivities to come:

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1. "New lunar year, new me."

2. "I'm all about the fireworks and festivities."

3. "Orange you glad everything is red for the Lunar New Year?"

4. "Welcome to the 'Year of the Ox.'"

5. "Dumplings? Don't mind if I do."

6. "I've never met a celebration I didn't like."

7. "This is how you start a new year."

8. "Would you look at all those lanterns?"

9. "Some celebrations should last forever."

10. "Parades, lanterns, and lots of Lunar New Year things."

11. "Sending gifts to my besties for the Lunar New Year."

12. "Bringing good luck and good vibes into the new year."

13. "What's happy, festive, and red all over?"

14. "Name a better parade. I'll wait."

15. "Just hanging out with the dragons. How about you?"

16. "Sending this selfie to NASA, because we're celebrating the Lunar New Year."

17. "Lanterns make every moment feel beautiful and lucky."

18. "Making resolutions for the 'Year of the Ox.'"

19. "The firecracker and dragon emojis IRL."

20. "Step into the Lunar New Year celebrations and let it go."

21. "The sparkliest Instagram post of the entire year."

22. "Having bunches of fun together."

23. "Did this dragon and I just become best friends?"

24. "These are the magical nights we live for."

25. "Do more things that require parades."

26. "More than ready for the 'Year of the Ox'..."

27. "Here comes the fun."

28. "Lunar New Year vibes."