Tuesday Instagram captions

28 Instagram Captions For Tuesday, Which Might As Well Be Called Monday 2.0

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You're not a big fan of Tuesdays. In fact, if the day of the week came up on your Tinder app, you'd probably swipe left and continue your search for a perfect match. It's not like the day has done anything in particular to earn this bad reputation. Unfortunately, it's just placed far away from Friday, which is known for being relaxing, chill, and right on the brink of fun. Luckily, you're not the only one that feels this way, and if you post a photo with one of these Instagram captions for Tuesday, you'll probably get a few comments that say, "Same."

Some people really enjoy the busyness of Tuesdays, and how to-do lists will stack up on their desks. But others are in the same boat as you and could probably use some Instagram captions for Tuesdays for their own sarcastic posts. Like you, they probably wake up on Tuesdays and think, "Is it Monday again?" or "Can we skip ahead?" They may set an intention for the day to help them stay productive and positive, before deciding to order dinner from their favorite restaurant as an end-of-the-day treat.

Honestly, getting through a Tuesday does deserve a reward. They're not always easy, but you likely tackle them with grace and ease. Even though you'd rather be watching your favorite shows while wrapped in blankets, you respond to your emails, attend your Zoom meetings, and rock a chic look like a total champ. In between your tasks, be sure to post a selfie in your home office, a close-up of your coffee, or a throwback pic with one of these Instagram captions for Tuesday. You're conquering the day, but these captions will show off your real mood.

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1. "My favorite day of the week is Tuesday. How about you?"

2. "Ah, Tuesday. We meet again."

3. "Just another Tuesday where I'm wishing it was Friday."

4. "I'm calling this a throwback Tuesday."

5. "Canceling my subscription to Tuesdays."

6. "Tuesdays, am I right?"

7. "Caught up in my Tuesday to-do list."

8. "If Tuesdays have taught me anything, it's to order a second coffee."

9. "What is Tuesday, if not Monday persevering?"

10. "On Tuesdays, we wear tie-dye sweatsuits."

11. "Start every Tuesday with a good intention."

12. "More snuggling, less Tuesday."

13. "Dear Tuesday. It's not me, it's you."

14. "In case you're wondering what day it is, it's Tuesday."

15. "Those Tuesday feelings."

16. "POV: You just realized it's Tuesday."

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17. "It was the best Tuesday ever."

18. "Just found out it's Tuesday. Absolutely shook."

19. "Relationship status: breaking up with Tuesdays."

20. "This 'fit will do for a Tuesday."

21. "When it's only Tuesday..."

22. "Not me dreaming about the weekend on a Tuesday."

23. "Fill in the blank. If Tuesday was an emoji, it would be..."

24. "Taking Tuesday one step at a time."

25. "Blame it on Tuesday."

26. "The calendar says Tuesday, but my heart says Friday."

27. "Name a better duo than me and Tuesdays. I'll wait."

28. "Sorry, Tuesday. I'm just not that into you."