28 Instagram Captions For Your Cotton Candy Pics That Are Seriously Sweet

Let's be honest: Life wouldn't be nearly as sweet without your favorite snack foods. The lunches you bring to the office would be dull, because they'd be missing a cup of vanilla pudding or a sandwich bag filled to the brim with chocolate-covered pretzels. The cooler that gets put in the trunk of your car on beach days would be much lighter, because there wouldn't be containers of watermelon or blue raspberry popsicles inside. Not to mention, you wouldn't be able to look forward to boardwalk hangs and summer fairs. Can I give you some Instagram captions for cotton candy pictures for those occasions? *Excitedly nods head.*

Sweet! I think you made the right decision, because you really shouldn't miss any chance to show off your snacks on the 'Gram. Instead, you should fill your camera roll with well-lit selfies of you, your besties, and your beautiful cones of cotton candy. You should hold up your whirls of pink and blue to the sky around sunset, and get snaps of the deliciousness at every single angle. The bowls of salty popcorn you purchase from your go-to vendors and stands can, and should, have their moment in the spotlight, too.

Just know that a few of your followers may slide into your DMs shortly after you hit the "share" button saying, "Wow! That looks so good," or "I totally want cotton candy now." In the moment, you'll wish you could pass your snack through the phone screen and give them a taste of the sweet life. (Does that technology exist yet? Let me know!)

You might invite them to join you on the Ferris wheel, and tell them where you got your cotton candy so that they can get in line and grab their own picture for the 'Gram. You'll give them the 411 on the best preset packs of the season, so they can make their snack look picture-perfect. Then, you'll send them a link to these 28 captions that are seriously sweet — after grabbing a punny phrase or funny quote for yourself, of course.

Treasures & Travels/Stocksy

1. "Cotton candy lover since birth."

2. "I'm just here for the cotton candy."

3. "Life is short, make it sweet." — Old Dominion, "Make It Sweet"

4. "Don't go stealin' my cotton candy heart."

5. "Cotton candy skies up ahead."

6. "Do you have this in pink?"

7. "Stay in your cotton candy magic, babe."

8. "Think happy thoughts and eat happy foods."

9. "Let yourself taste the sweetness of life."

10. "Dreams probably taste like cotton candy."

11. "The ocean is salty, but my cotton candy is sweet."

12. "When your cotton candy matches your outfit."

Chelsea Victoria/Stocksy

13. "Everything is fine when there is cotton candy and sunshine."

14. "Dear, cotton candy. You're so sweet."

15. "Find the beauty in every snack food."

16. "I believe in pink." — Audrey Hepburn

17. "Always wanting summer and lots of cotton candy."

18. "Summer snacks are the best snacks."

19. "Good snacks happen near the sea."

20. "Alexa, bring me to the cotton candy stand."

21. "I've got a soul full of cotton candy and sunshine."

22. "Eat more cotton candy."

23. "Don't be a bummer, enjoy the summer."

24. "Slay the summer with sweetness."

Nemanja Glumac/Stocksy

25. "Cotton candy is totally my snack type."

26. "Be silly, be kind, and be sweet like cotton candy."

27. "Happy lil' thing."

28. "Summertime snack goals."

You have to admit, reading these captions makes you want to grab some cotton candy, like, right now. It makes you want to sprint down to the boardwalk in your town for something pink and cherry-flavored, or text a message to your besties in the group chat like, "Hey! Is anybody hungry?"

I think you should send that text. Because odds are, at least one of your besties will be down to go on a spontaneous adventure to the beach, purely for a summertime snack. They'll be willing to stand in line with you, and take a few selfies with your colorful cones of cotton candy. (Actually, save me a spot in line. I'm coming, too.)