A woman takes a picture of her holiday gift on her phone after wrapping it in green and white paper.

28 Clever Gift Captions For Wrapping Up The Holidays On Your Feed

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The rolls of wrapping paper are finished; the bags of ribbons and bows you bought months ago are empty; and in a cozy corner of your home, there are presents happily sitting under a tree. They're decorated with sprigs of mistletoe or jingle bells that look merry and bright. The only thing you need to do now, before the holidays come around, is gather clever gift captions for wrapping up the holidays on your feed.

Up until this point, you may have posted pictures from weekend getaways to the mountains with your best friends, ice skating dates with your love, and afternoons at the markets with your family. You might have tapped the share button on selfies you took at the coffee shop down the road with a warm cup of hot chocolate in your hands, or with coworkers at the annual office party. All of the posts may have raked in the likes and comments. But now it's time to change up your #content.

With the holidays you've been anticipating around the corner, it's time to pose with your perfectly-wrapped gifts and show the world you are a pro at tying bows and writing out tags in cursive. It's time to show off your skills that are straight out of the North Pole, and have certainly earned you a spot on Santa's "nice list." When you post those pictures on Instagram, be sure to use one of these 28 clever captions for gifts. They'll really wrap up the holiday pics on your feed.


1. "You're my favorite present, like, ever."

2. "All I want for the holidays is you."

3. "This is what merry and bright looks like."

4. "Oh reindeer, the holidays are here."

5. "Give more, love more."

6. "It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving." — Mother Teresa

7. "When it's almost the holidays..."

8. "I found the perfect gifts this year. They're peppermint to be, if you will."

9. "Merry everything and a happy always."

10. "Do more things that require ribbons and bows."

11. "Dropping a wrap album with Santa's elves this winter."

12. "'These bows are too sparkly,' said no one ever."

13. "This one has my name on it."

14. "Resisting every urge to shake this gift and see what's inside."

15. "Had such a great time wrapping gifts with you."

16. "Going to go lay under the tree and remind my family that I'm a gift."

17. "'Tis the season for ribbons and bows."

18. "Wrapping gifts in a winter wonderland."

19. "Now applying to jobs in the North Pole."

20. "Does wrapping gifts count as exercise?"


21. "Winter days and gifts that #sleigh."

22. "Dear, Santa. Just leave your credit card in my stocking please."

23. "Our gifts are looking snow freakin' cute."

24. "I've never met a present I didn't like."

25. "It's all fun and games 'til you run out of wrapping paper."

26. "Find these perfectly-wrapped presents under the tree."

27. "It's about presence, and some presents."

28. "That's a wrap."

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