28 Clever Captions For Winter 2019 & Getting A Blizzard Of Likes On The 'Gram

I'm not sure where you're based, but the weather near me isn't very frightful at all. In fact, you can barely tell it's winter on the East Coast, because there have been very few days this season where my toes felt like icicles. My blanket scarves are still in a heap in my closet, and I haven't touched the ice scraper in the trunk of my car once. (Hallelujah!) Are people even booking ski trips this year? Oh wait, there they are! I missed a few posts on Instagram. Sure enough, there are plenty of people on the slopes. And at some point, winter will show up, and you'll need some clever captions for winter 2019 to go along with your posts, too.

Until then, save a few in a note on your phone and stay as smitten as a pair of mittens. Bundle up in your favorite flannels and pull out your boots for the first blizzard of the year. You already know that when the forecast shows a few inches coming your way, there's a high chance for a snow day, and that you won't have to go into work or school. Instead, you'll spend that entire day on your couch in your coziest pair of sweatpants, watching the newest movies on Netflix with your roommates. (Making mac and cheese and hot chocolate with extra marshmallows will be a must.)

At some point, you'll all go out into the snow and make angels in your backyard or catch a few snowflakes on the tip of your tongue. You'll bring out a Polaroid camera and snap a few photos, shaking them so that they develop and because it helps you stay warm. Then, you'll go inside and post your snowy photos to social media with a clever caption, because 'tis the season — am I right?

Here are 28 captions for winter 2019 so you're prepared and ready to get a blizzard of likes on the 'Gram. Just toss one of those marshmallows my way as a "thank you."

Good Vibrations Images/Stocksy

1. "If kisses were snowflakes, I'd send you a blizzard."

2. "Frosty mornings and toasty mugs."

3. "Bliss is being bundled up in blanket scarves."

4. "Winter days and sunshine rays."

5. "With all this snow, it's still feeling a lot like Christmas."

6. "The world changes when it snows." — Lorelai Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

7. "It all started with a snowflake."

8. "Paradise doesn't have to be tropical, ya know?"

9. "Let's cuddle this winter so I can steal your body heat."

10. "Oh hey, winter. Nice of you to show up."

11. "Snowy kisses are my favorite."

12. "Forever and always cozy and avoiding the cold."

Javier Díez/Stocksy

13. "Breathing in the snowflakes." — Ed Sheeran, "The A Team"

14. "Just a couple of snow angels."

15. "Cuddle season."

16. "'Tis the season to be freezin'."

17. "Dashing through the snow." — James Pierpont, "Jingle Bells"

18. "You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a lift pass."

19. "Black diamonds are a girl's best friend."

20. "Mentally on an island, far away from the snow."

21. "Life is better when you're in the snowy mountains."

22. "If you don't like winter, then adjust your altitude."

23. "We go together like this weather and a sweater."

24. "Catch you on the slopes."

Boris Jovanovic/Stocksy

25. "Like a snowflake, be your own kind of beautiful."

26. "You, me, and a cup of hot tea."

27. "The only word I know right now is 'brrr.'"

28. "As smitten as a pair of my favorite mittens."

I caught that marshmallow. Thanks! I hope there was at least one caption that will work for your future social media posts, or maybe the cozy ones that you're posting right now. The truth is, as #artsy as those snowy photos and Polaroids can look on Instagram, you want to make some memories this winter — snow or shine.

So, you're setting up your hot coffee in a bunch of blankets, and getting selfies at every angle. Warm weather won't stop you from making the most of this season, and getting a blizzard of likes on the 'Gram.