26 Clever Captions For 2019, Because It's Going To Be A Good Year

Right about now, you're jotting down a few things in your notebook. You may be writing resolutions like "travel more" and "learn a new language", along with some hopeful messages like, "Dear, 2019. Please be good." You started the new year surrounded by your best friends or your significant other. So, the odds are looking pretty much in your favor. But, you'd be lying if you said you didn't cross your fingers and wish big on a shooting star, the second that the ball dropped. Girl, don't stress. Throw a little bit of that leftover confetti into the air and scope out some clever captions for 2019. It's going to be a good one.

I know it seems a little wild to look ahead to the next New Year's Eve. I mean, you just took down the disco ball and finished cleaning up the "candle wax and Polaroids on the hardwood floor," as Taylor Swift sings in "New Year's Day." You're still telling stories from the night of in the group chat, and eating the bags of chips you bought for the party at your place. Hear me out, though.

A year from now, you'll likely be sitting on a couch in an apartment in a new city or maybe exactly where you are right now. You're going to have 12 months of more adventures, memories, questions, and answers behind you — and contemplating what resolutions get the mighty check mark.

You'll be so proud of yourself for landing your dream job or taking the leaps that you've been dreaming about for as long as you can remember. All in all, you may look back and know that this has been the best year yet. Posting about it on social media throughout the year will be essential. Use one of these 30 clever captions for 2019 before hitting "share" and throwing more confetti in the air.


1. "2019 looks amazing on me, huh?"

2. "Full of glitter and good vibes."

3. "Choosing joy and just what's good for me in 2019."

4. "Be the girl who decided to go for it."

5. "Spoiler alert: This is going to be my year."

6. "Breathing dreams and change like air."

7. "Resolutions really don't work for me. But it's going to be the best year yet, anyway."

8. "I've got a crush on 2019."

9. "Feeling just peachy about the new year."

10. "Learning and loving a lot in 2019."

11. "January to December. It's going to be a year to remember."

12. "Allergic to what was. Attracted to what will be."

Isaiah & Taylor Photography/Stocksy

13. "These are the days we live for."

14. "What a wonderful feeling to know that, right now, anything is possible."

15. "I have found that if you love life, life will love you back." — Arthur Rubenstein

16. "Focus on the good."

17. "Thankful, blessed, and 2019-obsessed."

18. "Cue the confetti, today and every day."

19. "Oh, 2019. I hope you're ready for the beautiful things to come."

20. "Staying gold all year long, like a piece of glitter on New Year's Eve."

21. "On my way to collect some beautiful moments."

22. "Just keep swimming." — Dory, Finding Nemo

Isaiah & Taylor Photography/Stocksy

23."Let it be." — The Beatles, "Let It Be"

24. "2019 is loading. Please come back later."

25. "Wherever you are, be all there." — Jim Elliot

26. "Mindset: Ready for whatever happens in 2019."

OK, now come back to today. What do you need to do to make that vision from earlier come to life? Maybe you need to create an itinerary for a trip, do some research on apartments on the West Coast, or write down questions that you want to have answered by this time next year.

Got it? Get to it! And be sure to post every part of your adventures in the new year with one of these clever captions for 2019.