28 Captions For Los Angeles & Making Your City Dreams Come True On The West Coast

What do your daydreams look like? For me, daydreams look like the set of La La Land, except I play the role that Emma Stone does. I dance around planetariums with Ryan Gosling, and in jazz clubs that are right near the ocean. I gaze at sunsets that paint the sky vibrant shades of purple, pink, and blue, and sing about the city in the shower. It's difficult to snap back to reality, where I'm sipping on coffee on the East Coast and watching my to-do list get longer and longer. For you, though, reality might be living on the West Coast — aka, the "best coast" — and needing some Instagram captions for Los Angeles. (To say I'm jealous would be an understatement.)

Truth is, you're turning your daydreams into reality. You're waking up in the morning to a sunny forecast, looking out your apartment window to see palm trees, and feeling so grateful for it. You may be going to your favorite smoothie shops and grabbing their latest addition to the menu, and spending your afternoons at the beach.

You'll learn about the constellations in the night sky at the Griffith Observatory, and take photos, well, just about everywhere. Learning how to surf and hiking to the Hollywood sign are still on your bucket list — but you're sure that one day very soon, you'll do that, too.

That's probably one of the most beautiful things about Los Angeles: Anything and everything is worth a picture, or good enough to be a backdrop for your latest posts on Instagram. Do yourself a favor and grab a couple of these captions now, before you fill your camera roll. It'll make sharing your real-life dreams on social media so much easier.

Daniel Kim Photography/Stocksy

1. "I left my heart in LA."

2. "Los Angeles is the city that I love."

3. "In a golden state of mind."

4. "Palm trees and ocean breeze."

5. "A boulevard called sunset."

6. "Don't miss out on this Los Angeles bliss."

7. "Stay in your West Coast magic."

8. "California dreamin'."

9. "But first, let's go to California."

10. "Living off of iced coffee and sunshine."

11. "Nothing comes close to the golden coast."

12. "Relationship status: In love with sunsets and this city."

Per Swantesson/Stocksy

13. "Los Angeles is like a beauty parlor at the end of the universe." — Emily Mortimer

14. "Hollywood isn't a place. It's a way of life."

15. "Feeling so starstruck in this city."

16. "Never go too long without watching a sunset." — Atticus

17. "All I need are palm trees and this little slice of paradise."

18. "Sending my selfie to Hollywood, because I'm a star."

19. "Stop saying tomorrow. Take a trip to Los Angeles now."

20. "I love you to the pier and back."

21. "More Pacific Ocean, please."

22. "Breathing dreams like air." — F. Scott Fitzgerald

23. "The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams." — Oprah Winfrey

24. "We were made in LA."


25. "I can still hear the waves from the West Coast."

26. "My favorite color is sunset."

27. "Dream while you're wide awake."

28. "Los Angeles, I'm yours."

Now, full disclosure: I've never been to Los Angeles. So, like many of your followers on Instagram, I'm living vicariously through you. I'm pretending that I'm the one posing against the colorful walls on Melrose Avenue and having bonfires on the beach. I'm taking notes on all of your In-N-Out posts, so that I know exactly what to order the day that I eventually go.

Most importantly, I'm checking out what captions you're using so that I don't pick the same ones. Our daydreams look pretty similar, but our Instagram posts don't have to!