28 Captions For Football Friday & Putting Your Game Face On

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Most weeks, you may be counting down the days till Friday. In your planner, you're drawing hearts and stars around the day, and jotting down notes about what you're going to do when the weekend comes. At your lunch table, you might be chatting with your best friends about the upcoming games and what snacks you're going to get at the concession stand. Do you need some captions for football Friday and putting your game face on? I think so.

This season only comes around once a year, and you want to celebrate it in every possible way. You want to wear your team's gear to school when they're set to play their biggest rival, and excitedly cheer from the bleachers when they score a touchdown. You may want to join the marching band or cheerleading squad so you can go on the field and show your pride with peppy songs and pom-poms.

When I was in high school, I'd bundle up in my favorite blue and yellow crewneck and make noise whenever the rest of the crowd did. I didn't think about making a colorful sign to hold up that says, "Nacho average team," or posting a proud pic on social media. Lucky for you, I'm passing those ideas down along with lots of captions for football Friday. Save a couple in a note on your phone so you never run out of options for your game day selfies and candid snaps. Then, hit the "share" button as much as you please and get excited for the fun that's to come.

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1. "Lights, snacks, game day action."

2. "French fries, football, and Friday nights."

3. "Alexa, skip to football Friday."

4. "Friday nights are better under the lights."

5. "We got that Friday feelin'."

6. "There's a 100% chance it's a football Friday."

7. "I've got all the heart eyes for my football team and Fridays."

8. "Friends who go to football games together, stay together."

9. "These are the kind of Fridays we live for."

10. "Fridays are for football games and good feels."

11. "It's not a Friday in the fall without football."

12. "First, we go to class. Then, we watch the football."

13. "Home is where the best football team is."

14. "Put your game face on. It's Friday."

15. "You think you can beat us? Now that's some fantasy football."

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16. "Sorry, I can't. It's game day."

17. "Tackling this Friday one snack at a time."

18. "The huddle on the bleachers is real."

19. "I feel tail-great now that it's Friday."

20. "Can somebody get my quarter back?"

21. "Those Friday night lights."

22. "Orange you glad it's football Friday?"

23. "I always get a kick out of you."

24. "Shake your pom-poms... it's Friday."

25. "You Friday night light up my world."

26. "Be loud, be proud."

27. "Oh, happy day."

28. "Football Friday. Let's go."

Aside from captions for football Friday, I also want to give you my best tips for creating #content for social media, like downloading editing apps, following some pretty cool content creators, and living your best life. These platforms are whatever you make them to be, and your followers will adore seeing everything from your view from the bleachers to the tasty snacks you ordered at halftime. So, enjoy, take pics, and get your game face on.

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