A woman poses on a bright street in Florence, Italy during the holidays.

28 Captions For Christmas In Florence & Your Merriest Adventures Yet


Spending the holidays abroad can be the most magical experience. In some cities, the locals hang lights over the cobblestone streets and set up festive markets in the bustling squares. If you're studying abroad in Florence this semester, you'll get to experience it all and have merry adventures before and after class. Gather up some captions for Christmas in Florence as soon as you see the decorations go up so you're prepared for the occasion.

Before you know it, there will be glowing storefronts everywhere you look. The chocolate shops will have Christmas-inspired displays in their windows, and the Christmas tree will be set up in all its grandeur in Piazza del Duomo. You'll be so eager to check out the ornament stands near the Basilica di Santa Croce for souvenirs you can bring back home to your loved ones. You may even ask the owners of the local panini shop who you made friends with where you can participate in other holiday-like traditions in the city, or when you can attend a Christmas mass.

Truth be told, the holidays in Florence comes with its own bucket list — filled with wintery photo shoots, snowy train rides, and traditional dinners that are total must-dos. Take pictures of your experiences, and then post them on Instagram with any of these 28 captions for Christmas in Florence.


1. "Wanna spend Christmas in Florence? Always."

2. "I wish you could smell this picture."

3. "What's a better duo than Florence and Christmas? I'll wait."

4. "Dear, Florence. Christmas looks so good on you."

5. "I'll send you a postcard from the holiday market."

6. "This year, I'm in my second home for the holidays."

7. "Meet me under the Christmas lights in Florence."

8. "If you love me, you'd skip class and go to the holiday markets with me."

9. "There's snow place like Florence in the winter."

10. "I'll take a scoop of your most festive-looking gelato."

11. "Oh what fun it is to be in Florence right now."

12. "All I want for Christmas is to stay in Florence."

13. "Sweet like mulled wine and gelato."

14. "Twinkly lights and Italian nights."

15. "Everything in Florence is snow freakin' cute."

16. "It's starting to feel a lot like the holidays here."

17. "Walking in an Italian wonderland."

18. "'Tis the season for memories and mulled wine."

19. "Having a grape time spending Christmas in Florence."

20. "Snowflake kisses and fountain wishes."


21. "Heart eyes and holiday things for the rest of the semester."

22. "Have yourself a merry little semester abroad."

23. "Season's greetings from Florence."

24. "Let's sleigh in this city forever."

25. "Chilling in Florence with all my jingle ladies"

26. "Christmas in Florence? That has a nice ring to it."

27. "Feelin' merry and bright."

28. "Those winter days in Florence..."